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Cisco Invests in Developers

…lity, cloud, the Internet of Everything (IoE), the application-centric infrastructure; driving and accelerating innovation– the value of our networked platforms is greatly enhanced by the applications that run on them. Cisco is enabling customers to unlock intelligence from the network using applications, and help drive new business models and benefits including improved customer experiences, faster time to market, and increased efficiencie…


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3 Reasons To Pay Attention To Intercloud

…orating even more natural, pervasive and valuable. 3) Intercloud Will Help drive business Value from Related IT Innovation – As technology history has shown with mobility and video, IT innovation can help drive business innovation.  Connecting clouds will accelerate this. Imagine connecting the multitude of applications and services you use today, let alone others coming or those used by your colleagues in different organizations.   The op…


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Mud, Lightning and Collaboration

…nd customers is often critical to success. Many organizations collaborate specifically to accelerate growth and innovation.  According to the Plante Moran 2013 Innovation Survey  of 4,225 business leaders,   94% of respondents felt that Innovation was important to sustainability and growth. And three quarters felt that collaborating would increase their chances of success with innovation, with the majority open to sharing financial risk and rewar…


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How Cisco, eBay and Adobe are leveraging SAP HANA on UCS as a Business Innovation Platform

…volving business trends, or change the way they interact with customers, companies need a powerful platform for innovation that can analyze huge data volumes to identify new customer patterns, adapt quickly to new market opportunities and adjust their business processes to maximize growth and profitability. But how easy is this to do? What do you need to do to adapt to new business models and react to changing market opportunities? Hear how Cisco…


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#HigherEdThursdays – Using Technology to Create Cultural Shifts

…on, and between institutions. While change can be daunting, the need to change can be an important catalyst for innovation. Many colleges, universities, and university systems are strapped for resources. But those organizations that identify and drive innovation from within can often operate on a drastically reduced budget. Steve Jobs said, “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM…


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