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Statement of Mark Chandler on Need for Patent System that Rewards Innovation and Discourages Speculation

I’ve commented here about the imperative to return to a patent system that incents and rewards innovation and discourages the speculators and opportunists who are using litigation leverage and bad patents to extract money from the productive elements of the economy.  That’s why we urge the Senate to follow the House’s overwhelming, bipartisan vote to limit patent rent-seeking by these financiers.  We also welcome today’s White House initia…


The Key to the Connected World? The Programmable World

Your house-cleaning robot connects to your lighting system, which connects to your garage door, which connects to your car. All of these devices in turn connect to your smartphone, which, among many other things, enables YOU to connect to a community of like-minded, creative souls looking for — you guessed it — better ways to connect and program things. This is just a small glimpse into how the Internet of Everything (IoE) is transforming our li…


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Increasing Business Investments and IT Opportunities

…and gain more access to new technologies and consumption models, IT’s balance between operational excellence and innovation is shifting. Technical innovation can now happen anywhere. This change presents a huge opportunity for IT to drive innovation in new ways. So which organizations are seizing this opportunity? To find out, we recently conducted the Cisco Business and IT Priority Survey to determine how these groups manage innovation, and how…


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How Aligned Are Business and IT Priorities?

Innovation is critical to the success of every organization. According to a recent Cisco survey, 84% of business leaders agree that technology innovation is a critical or very important strategic differentiator for their companies. However, this survey also revealed that technology investments made by business and IT leadership are not always aligned. So how can business and IT work better together to deliver more innovation and business impact…


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Using Advanced Technology to Build a 21st Century University Experience

…care and consideration is to create something innovative that will ultimately benefit our students. We’re using innovation to create new technology for the world to see, and this experience will be personalized for our students. They will have access to emerging and advanced technologies other universities won’t be able to rival. Florida Poly’s innovation won’t just come through the technology we offer, but also through the projects that our fac…


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