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Off to the LTE Asia Awards: Singapore or Bust

…n Singapore, Asia’s industry leaders will come together for the 1st Annual LTE Asia Awards which will celebrate innovation and recognize excellence in the LTE community. Cisco is pleased to be recognized by the LTE Asia Awards Judges and short listed in 3 of the categories for these LTE Asia Awards: Best LTE Core Network Product: Cisco ASR 5000 Series NFV Innovation of the Year: Cisco Quantum Virtualized Packet Core – Orchestrated Innovation


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Embracing the Internet of Everything with Customer-centric Innovation

Customer-centric innovation is part of Cisco’s DNA. We are constantly seeking to anticipate and drive market transitions and help solve our customers’ business challenges in a fast-changing world. These challenges are driven by multiple factors such as volatile markets, new requirements to the workforce and eventually most important, the digital disruption happening in nearly every market segment, vertical and geography around the globe. A…


Manufacturers Are Following the Crowd to ‘Drive’ Innovation

…on a browser, see in 3D, take measurements from, and comment on, thus providing a new model and methodology for innovation.  Local Motors then leverage 3D printing technology to deploy “microfactories” Can crowdsourcing and 3D printing produce an electric car? Following The Crowd Is Not Easy – You Need A Scalable and Secure Platform In order to leverage the full potential of crowdsourcing and 3D Printing, manufacturers need t…


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Technology Innovation: The Key to Solving Some of Our Most Pressing Transportation Challenges

…ose networks, built with proprietary technologies with limited performance. These challenging networks suppress innovation and lack the ability to unlock the economic value of the data generated by their systems. Developing countries have the opportunity to utilize new transportation technologies to their full potential by opening up the data to create new applications, and allowing the system to work across various agencies or companies to creat…


#InnovateThink TweetChat on Friday, September 19 at 10 a.m. PST: The Way Forward for IT Innovation

In the hyper-competitive Internet of Everything (IoE) era, every company must be ready for rapid innovation, sudden market transitions and ever-changing security threats. But IoE — the explosion in network connections among people, process, data, and things — is about far more than vexing challenges. It is also about tremendous opportunity: Cisco predicts a staggering $19 trillion in IoE-related Value at Stake over the next decade. The IT organi…


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