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What can the Public Sector Learn from the Best Corporate Innovation Strategies?

…itive set of tech industries. But what about innovation at the firm level? Are there qualities of thought and decision-making inside companies that can make them more or less innovative? The recent proliferation of the word “innovation” in corporate reports and executive titles begs the question of whether real innovation is actually occurring, and whether this activity is benefitting the bottom line.  To help answer this question, the BACEI…


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Technology Innovation: Disrupt—or Be Disrupted

…mputer/tablet arena over the last decade to see how innovation can propel one company into superstar status, while another becomes irrelevant in the same market space. So how can companies gain and hold an edge in technology innovation? In an engagement with a major global manufacturer, Cisco IBSG identified three key factors in the product innovation process that companies must clearly understand and be able to orchestrate: Technology Strategy:…


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Economic Development, Biotech and Research Come Together for Innovation at BIO 2012

…fosters innovation?     A report was released at the show discussing intellectual property rights and showing a positive link between economic development and growth, tech transfer, increased rates of progress and innovation and the link between the strengthening of IP rights. Collaboration was the word of the week.  Despite the need to protect intellectual property, it was clear that to sustain innovation it will be necessary for…


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Cloud: The Next Truly Transformative Innovation

…We can now conceive of wholly new business models and revenue streams, significantly ease the ability to collaborate on a global basis, and dramatically increase agility while simultaneously reducing operating costs. As for innovation, the cloud opens up the ability to invite the entire world to come play in our sandbox. Open innovation becomes a true reality—not just to capture ideas from customers and partners, but actually to engage them in…


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Creating the Right Environment for Innovation

From the IT Executive Symposium at Cisco Live 2012 When you strip away all the hype and emotion around the word “innovation,” you end up with a simple but powerful concept: Innovation is about doing something new that creates value. Innovation isn’t just important—it’s critical to a company’s growth and success. In his keynote at Cisco Live 2012, Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers discussed the importance of being able to capitalize…


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