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IETF-78 Update and Discussion Towards IP Addressable Smart Objects

…be held September 2-6. Switching gears a bit, to the Internet of Things (IoT), my colleague JP Vasseur along with Adam Dunkels have just published a book on the topic entitled, Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP: The Next Internet. IoT traverses several key adjacencies such as Smart and Connected Community, Smart Grid, Smart Automobile and so on. Research continues to develop in wearable computing and in skinput technology. Stay tuned!…


Pluralizing Effects from Singularity

…After all, I am a passionate evangelist when it comes to technologies that are enabling borderless networks and smart grid. And now, as it turns out, I’m also quite a fan of the power of social networking. After reading my blog, a representative from Singularity University asked me to speak to a group of their students. For those unfamiliar with the school, its mission is “to assemble, educate, and inspire leaders who understand and…


Russian President Medvedev visits Cisco HQ in San Jose

…ith existing leading-edge Russian teams, Cisco will look to work on joint development projects in areas such as smart grid, financial services, service provider models, financing, broadband implementation and social networking to develop exportable products, solutions and business models.  Cisco will also look to extend the value of its physical facilities in Skolkovo over time through the use of collaborative technologies to develop a broad…


A fundamental of smart grid policy

…the U.S. Department of Energy held a public forum Tuesday examining a critical set of policy issues raised by a smart grid. The focus?  “Empowering Consumers and the Smart Grid: Data Access, Third Party Use, and Privacy.” At the forum, Cisco’s Jeff Campbell made our perspective clear:  Electricity consumers should have secure access to their energy usage information and should have the power to choose which technologie…


Powering Up Energy Management Tools for Consumers: What Do You Think?

…user has insight and control over peripheral devices such as thermostats, intelligent sockets and, ultimately, smart appliances like refrigerators and water heaters. I’m particularly excited about this for two reasons.  For Cisco, the HEC is a core solution in our Cisco Connected Grid portfolio and will play a key role in our end-to-end architecture for the smart grid. For consumers, it gives us visibility into how our energy use arou…