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ShowNotes: The Engineering Behind TelePresence

…by the lab to help dissect the protocol. He and Jimmy Ray dive into how TIP, based on open standards, allows vendors to natively interoperate with Cisco TelePresence and enable enhanced features such as: H.264 720p and 1080p interoperability – TIP is geared for the more high-end, HD sessions Triple-screen interoperability AAC-LD and G.722 audio Point-to-point and multipoint support (in both transcoded and switched environments) Cisco…


Forrester Acknowledges Cisco as a Leader among WAN Optimization Vendors

…isibility into the traffic mix. In evaluating Cisco WAAS Forrester calls out Cisco’s range of products, that includes appliances as well as router blades, and a mobile client solution that is certified by Microsoft for interoperability. An innovation that Forrester calls out is the ability to virtualize Microsoft servers on the WAAS appliances: which increases IT agility while lowering costs in the branch office.   On the technology…


How Internet standards are born: Part 3

…Wi-Fi networking across the entire value chain, from chip vendors to carriers, and across various segments, including consumer, enterprise and service provider. The primary goal of these companies is to test and certify the interoperability of Wi-Fi standards as implemented across product lines from multiple vendors. Interoperability is usually shown by “low bar performance testing” against a test bed of “golden…


Interoperability is the key

…efinition video between Microsoft Office Communicator and multi-screen telepresence, and the first to deliver HD telepresence and video conferencing solutions that can interoperate with any other standards compliant systems. Interoperability is at the core of our VTC products. The ability to enable face-to-face communication regardless of distance gives VTC solutions the ability to truly bring government agencies together and increase…


Cisco TelePresence – New Options, Deeper Understanding

…work for TelePresence – Jimmy Ray and Tina tackle this one of course…its not your standard QoS, buy tons of bandwidth type conversation, there are a couple of gems you will want to take into account. TelePresence Interoperability Protocol- this is brand new stuff – we tackle interoperability plans head on here with a deep dive on the unique thought leadership many are not aware of.   (Much of this show will go into…