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Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 6000 wins Best-of-Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2014

…Officer. One of the key highlights of the Interop event was the “ShowNet” network which involves a multi-vendor interoperability showcase based on constructing one of the world’s largest live, next-generation network demonstration with advanced technologies and cutting-edge equipment. Cisco participated in this interoperability showcase with several products including the Aggregation Services Router 9000 series, Network Convergence System NCS 600…


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Cisco Meraki, Now with ISE!

…n offices, but were worried about having to deal with too many segregated policy management systems. Good news: Interoperability between Cisco Meraki and ISE is here. Administrators can now define a single user access policy across on-premise and cloud-managed networks.With this interoperability, Cisco infrastructure customers can now deploy Cisco Meraki in their branches in the same network as other Cisco equipment, with all devices across the n…


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Mobile Public Safety: Connections on the Job

…s and first responders remains confidential Provide a standards-based network platform to enable communications interoperability. Public safety agencies around the country have embraced emerging mobility solutions to tackle new challenges. For instance, the Sheriff’s Office in Monmouth County, New Jersey wanted to provide its first responders with greater situational awareness and access to sensitive information while working on-scene. By implem…


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Innovation Across the Internet of Things

…guide the efforts of industry, academia, and government to accelerate the Internet of Things and establish open interoperability standards and common architectures for IoT solutions. Internet of Things in Action During the Cisco Live 2014 keynote panel, I’ll reveal how a leader in next-generation fleet management solutions is using the power of an end-to-end IoT solution at work today—device, network, and cloud all working together—turning data i…


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10 Trends why TeleHealth adoption will take off

…derless collaboration experience between providers. The rise of WebRTC and other video standards have increased interoperability and will further expand the adoption. 5. Evolution of the Medical devices In the early days of TeleHealth, if you look at a TeleHealth examination room table, it can be pretty scary for a patient. There can be way too many cables and too many bulky boxes to which the devices are connected. The complexity and the cost of…