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What’s New with onePK?

CiscoLive San Francisco is coming up so I’ve been updating my session, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to onePK, with the latest information and some new insights. One new thing is that Cisco onePK (One Platform Kit) is now Generally Available! Anyone can go to, download the SDK, and take C, Java or Python for a test drive. And I really mean anyone. You don’t even need a Babel fish. Haven’t programmed since freshman year in college? Do…


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Open Source Acceleration for Applications

…e that application stacks are consistent and delivered to your customers — within minutes. Last summer at CiscoLive Orlando, the Application Stack Accelerator for Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) was introduced and we quickly noticed that PaaS was an extremely popular topic!   This popularity has grown.  The demand for PaaS is heavy as organizations, probably like yours, look to extend cloud automation to the design, configurati…


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My Week at CiscoLive! Melbourne 2014

Wow, what an amazing week in Melbourne!! With more than 4,600 attendees in person and 36,000 session views online, Cisco Live was the largest event we’ve ever held in the Australia-New Zealand region. It was my fifth Cisco Live overall and third in Melbourne, and what amazes me every year is the sheer passion and enthusiasm of everyone present. Those attending are really there to learn and wanted to hear what we had to say. A common theme throug…


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With Cisco Cloud Management, FASTWEB Delivers New Value-Added Cloud Services

…competitors in the Italian marketplace has an offering equal to this unified solution from Cisco. Now FASTWEB’s cloud services are growing smoothly thanks to technology that scales as quickly as their business does. FASTWEB plans to expand its use of Cisco IAC to offer new services as such PaaS and SaaS for their customers. Read more about FASTWEB’s implementation in this case study and this recent CiscoLive Milan presentation….


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FOSDEM 2014: Cisco Powered World First

…ce network was enabled as IPv6-only by default. The same infrastructure has been provided at RIPE, IETF, and at CiscoLive before, but the IPv6-only SSID was always experimental in nature and the IPv6-only main SSID was never the default choice. For clients who experienced problems there was a legacy dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time) network available. We also encouraged anyone with an IPv6-only network issue to report a bug. How did we…


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