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Standards Play a Vital Role in Fueling Innovation

…and NIST leader Pat Gallagher reiterated NIST’s commitment to driving effective standards development for Smart Grid and other initiatives. I focused on three main areas where the U.S. Government has a vital role to play and supporting and defending U.S. interests in standards: The US Government can serve as convenor of industry-led standards efforts, as currently demonstrated by the leadership that the NIST has provided in the Smart Grid I…


Partners are Going Green with Cisco’s Smart Grid Solutions

…ng the tide of global warming—whether driving less, or composting our trash—here at Cisco we have the Connected Grid portfolio of Smart Grid communications solutions, which can help utilities more reliably and efficiently deliver electric power from generation facilities to businesses and homes, resulting in better energy management, while also providing economic and environmental benefits. It’s been more than a year since we launched the Smart G…


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The Case for Energy Dis-Ecolibrium

…n’t Control What You Can’t See—So What Can You See? 3.      Buildings—It’s all about thermal management 4.      Smart Homes, Smart Buildings and the Smart Grid 5.      Weather Drives Energy Use 6.      The Importance of Sub-metering 7.      Interval Data and Demand Charges 8.      Trends in Solar, Wind and Other Renewables 9.      From the Dog House to the Data Center—The Future of Energy Management 10.  Energy Communication Standards I have doze…


SecCon 2010 – The Hackers Come to Town

…to deliver secure and resilient products. Other highlights included: Cloud Computing and Security Hacking the Smart Grid Android Security Uncovering the Criminal Ecosystem 6 Security Bootcamps Executive Keynotes Who attends? All of Cisco is invited; however, the Cisco development organization is the primary target audience. Unlike internal security professionals that regularly attend security conferences (like BlackHat, DefCon, CanSec, etc) a…


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Cisco’s Green Stripes”>$10

…not to mention a $10million kitty.  One thing to remember, however, is that electric vehicles will need a Smart Grid to plug into… one which allows them to charge at non-peak hours and even sell their power back into the grid.  Cisco also wrapped up the week on the Smart Grid note, announcing today a new partnership with Duke Energy, The City of Charlotte, North Carolina and others, called Envision:  Charlotte. Thi…


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