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Cisco Succeeded in Network Functions Virtualization System Trial

…trator (NSO), the core network of long-term evolution (LTE) systems. The DOCOMO trial successfully verified the interoperability of virtualized evolved packet core (vEPC) software with our virtualization management system for network control mechanisms, such as scalable data processing capability for congested data traffic and stable network recovery in the event of hardware failure. Seizo Onoe, executive vice president and chief technology offic…


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POODLE and The Curse of Backwards Compatibility

…flaws in the protocol design were discovered, new versions of the protocol were released. In order to maintain interoperability the most recent TLS standard requires that systems support previous versions down to SSL 3.0. The discovery of a cryptographic weakness in SSL 3.0 and the publication of an attack that can exploit this provide attackers with a means to attack TLS implementations by intercepting communications using the old SSL 3.0 proto…


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Cisco’s OpenH264 Now Part of Firefox

…er to add screen-sharing APIs to utilize H.264. This critical capability will open the door for standards-based interoperability with the vast amounts of existing products that already utilize H.264 for content sharing in meetings. The topic of a standardized codec will once again be addressed by the IETF in its November meeting. It is our hope that announcements like the one today will increase adoption and help pave the way for a decision, enab…


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Cisco Continues Thought Leadership With Products for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint Release 2

Last week, the official launch of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ Release 2 interoperability program from Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) revealed the next chapter in enabling mobile client devices to easily connect to a secure (i.e., strong encryption and authentication) Wi-Fi network. And once again, Cisco is at the forefront of furthering the proliferation of new and improved Wi-Fi capabilities by having participated in and contributed to the successful…


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Your Business Powered By Cisco Customer Solutions Architecture (CSA). What are Cisco CSA’s Benefits?

…er-operability and rapid changes and adaptability in the field. In our vision of a solutions architecture, the interoperability of technologies and solutions at the application level, platform level, and infrastructure level as well as at the service level must be ensured. This motivates the creation of a  solutions model with standardized terminology to promote a common understanding.  Additionally, line of business desires to deliver innovativ…


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