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Digital Cribs Goes Live

On September, 2nd Cisco will launch Digital Cribs, a new series of webisodes exploring the advanced use of home networks and visual networking in celebrity homes. Digital Cribs profiles interesting individuals and how they use consumer technology in interesting ways. The first three webisodes feature: Shane Battier, star of the NBA’s Houston Rockets Meghan Asha, founder of, tech blogger ( and co-star of…


Q&A with Lincoln Schatz of Digital Cribs

Last week, I had the opportunity to video chat with video artist Lincoln Schatz. Lincoln is featured in the webisode series Digital Cribs, produced by Cisco. In this clip Lincoln talks about his Digital Crib and how his sophisticated home network has impacted his artistic vision and way of life. Check out all three of the premier Digital Cribs episodes, featuring: Shane Battier, star of the NBA’s Houston Rockets Meghan Asha, founder of…


Cisco Digital Cribs

Looking more deeply at the Cisco brand we see some interesting insights from our brand research. Cisco’s brand scores higher with business customers and consumers alike on favorability versus familiarity. In essence, to know us is to like us. This is a very different dynamic than what you will see with most other technology brands and it gives us a good foundation to start our brand building efforts with consumers. As we saw with the re…


Mother’s Day and Mother Earth

I would like to bring a blog entry from Alan Cohen to your attention on Mother’s Day and Mother Earth. Alan is our peripatetic Vice President of Enterprise Solutions. One day you might find him commenting on the Sports Museum of America…the next, he might be interviewed by InformationWeek on Unified Communications, and on another, he might be be at the NBA All-Star game in New Orleans.In his Mother’s Day blog entry, he writes…


Babe and Lou, If You Could See the Sports Museum of America

In spring my thoughts turn to the”Boys of Summer” (it was Babe Ruth who said”this baseball game of ours comes up from the youth”), that time when daylight lengthens, when school gives way to the competition of baseball and the eternal imagination of youths self-identifying with sports heroes. The smell of fresh-mowed sod, the sharp crack of a fastball meeting a Louisville slugger, and the exhilarating fear and unrestrain…