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Technology Innovation: The Key to Solving Some of Our Most Pressing Transportation Challenges

…create new business models. Increasing safety and security risks, along with a disparity of systems and lack of interoperability between regions has created a difficult reality for legacy systems. Lastly, the necessity to deliver these services in an increasingly sustainable way puts added pressure on operators. These challenges are faced regardless of the mode of transportation, whether rail, roadway, aviation, maritime, freight and logistics, c…


The Summer Blockbuster You’ve Been Waiting For: Cisco Wireless Release 8.0”>

…f users. Service Provider features PMIPv6 MAG on AP and Q-in-Q tagging that provide deployment flexibility for interoperability of Wi-Fi and mobile packet core networks. A better location (blue dot) experience with more frequent location updates for Wi-Fi clients using CMX FastLocate and CMX Presence Analytics that enables customers to gain insight about visitor patterns in their venues and use it to improve business decisions. CMX for Facebook…


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Cisco Compatible Solutions Carry Clout

…patible with Cisco infrastructure.  One way we support partners is by offering a program to test and verify the interoperability of the partner’s products and solutions as Cisco compatible.  Compatibility with Cisco products can be achieved in two ways: either being included in a Cisco Validated Design (CVD), or by completing Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT). Cisco Compatible designates Cisco’s most rigorous level of interoperability


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Gartner Recognizes Cisco as a Leader in Unified Communications…Again

…We feel this once again highlights our strength in Telephony, our commitment to Collaboration, our demonstrated Interoperability and our innovation in Cloud and Hybrid offerings. With an end-to-end portfolio of solutions encompassing everything from infrastructure to endpoints, spanning voice, video, IM/P, conferencing, contact centers and more, I’m continually amazed by the innovation and visionary thinking that happens in this organization. W…


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Internet of Things – The Technical Reality

…rial’ ethernet was developed to address the unique requirements for network communication in this area. Ease-of-interoperability between equipment became part of the automation process. Standardization in the protocol helped to covercome the proprietary data roadblocks and enabled more resilient and efficient automation networks, secure, increased visibility, manageability and uptime. The commonality between what is essentially two sides of the s…


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