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#EngineersUnplugged S3|Ep6: Radio Interoperability

Welcome back! We take things to the street in this episode of Engineers Unplugged. Ronald Beck (@tallnetninja) and Mark Gonsalves (Cisco) discuss real world two-way communications when there are radio interoperability challenges. Enter IPICS server and the policy engine. Because you really want comms in the field to work. This is a great episode full of real-world examples, let’s watch: Street smart unicorns from Mark Gonsalves and Ro…


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Increasing the Value and Relevance of Data in Motion

If you’ve been following my past blogs and presentations, you’ve heard me talk about “Data in Motion.” That’s the catch-all term used to describe the swelling flood of data that is at maximum value while still in motion (and often at that fleeting moment in which it is created). Data in Motion requires rapid, real-time response in order to provide actionable insights at the right place and at the right time. Done right, it can be evaluated in me…


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Standards Boost Business: Competing in a Global Economy

S. Joe Bhatia, President and CEOAmerican National Standards Institute Guest Blog by the President and CEO of the American National Standards Institute, S. Joe Bhatia: learn directly from the American National Standards Institute about the importance of standards, how their adoption and promotion can help organizations innovate in a global market, while lowering costs and gaining competitive advantage Author Bio: S. Joe Bhatia, president and CEO…


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Cisco Partner Weekly Rewind – July 12, 2013

Every Friday, we’ll highlight the most important Cisco partner news and stories of the week, as well as point you to important Cisco-related content you may have missed along the way. Let’s have it. Off The Top We’re continuing to evolve our leadership team inside the Worldwide Partner Organization (WWPO), and as you hopefully saw earlier today, we’re once again moving a familiar face into a new role. Andrew Sage, well-known for his work with Sm…


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Delivering True Interop – The Difference Between Standards and Interoperability

…challenges: -         H.264 SVC is loosely defined, which means each vendor has a different implementation – no interoperability -         Due to the lack of standardization on how to signal H.264 SVC; there is no standard means to interoperate with H.264 AVC, arguably the dominant industry standard today Clearly, standards are necessary but they are insufficient to fully address the interoperability vision. Cisco’s strategy to delivering true i…


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