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Money for Nothing…And My Cisco TelePresence for Free?

For the Cisco family (customers, partners, suppliers and partners), TelePresence reached the “must have” technology category in the past year.  Many have called it “Cisco’s iPod,” as it defines a new market around rich video collaboration. Although the primary use case for TelePresence is business collaboration, in the past few years we also used TelePresence to facilitate a global dialogue around climate chang…


The Next Top Model

…use it for music production. Now, that’s a new way of thinking about collaboration technology.Other signs: NBA stars Shane Battier and Yao Ming used Cisco TelePresence for NBA China interviews from their home towns. The NHL uses it at hockey games for in-person interactions between fans, stars and sportscasters. How fun is that to be face to face with some of hockey’s greats? The TED conference this year connected two conference venu…


The $100 Billion Collaboration Stimulus Plan of 2009 – Part 1

“Can you come to a meeting right now.” 
”No, it’s almost lunch time. If I miss lunch my day will be 12 hours of uninterrupted misery.” — The Boss and DilbertInspiration hits you at unusual times. I was standing in front of the Cisco Telepresence Experience at the NBA All Star game last weekend (February 7-8) — watching a long line of fans stand in line to have virtual face-to-face meetings with player…


The Twitterati Mean Business

I have something to confess: I am not much of a Twitterer @ascohen. Although I like to blog, and I have become relentless on Facebook, powered by the sagging belt syndrome of carrying an iPhone and a Blackberry that have allowed me to become an ambidextrous Web 2.0er, alas, I have not yet fully jumped to the”Jitter of Twitter.” But I have seen it, enviously, in action. Our CTO, Pamasaree Warrior is one of the most Tweeted Cisco…


Digital Cribs Q&A with Shane Battier

Shane Battier’s Digital Cribs webisode first debued in early September on Last week, we were able to catch up with the Houston Rockets forward for a Digital Cribs ‘status update’ and received some home networking advice from the pro: Cisco: Do you have any technology on your wish list? SB: I am anxiously awaiting the new Blackberry Storm. I am a blackberry guy, not so much an iPhone guy. I am also building a…