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Smart Grid Progress in Russia

…ncy. The investment includes the development of a collaboration model with Russian business in verticals such as smart grid. So, what makes Russia ripe for smart grid transformation? As the world’s third largest consumer of energy, Russia’s energy infrastructure requires modernization, a fact that President Medvedev’s government is confronting proactively and aggressively. The country’s distribution infrastructure loses 12 percent of transmitted…


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Keeping the Lights on: Writing the Future History of the Grid

…t’s just faster in some places and slower in others. Gibson very well might have been talking about our electric grid, which is at varying stages of modernization throughout the world.  While we anticipate that $4 trillion dollars will be invested in global smart grid transformation projects over the next twenty years, how do we ensure scalability, reliability and security across the board?  How do we make sure that the electric grid for the 21st…


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Cisco Week in Review with Top Partner Headlines and News

…rity as a Bolt-On Myth Myth #3: Basic Quality of Service Myth Myth #4: Standards Myth 3:49 Rockin’ Your Smart Grid Practice Partners who want to rock their Cisco Smart Grid practice should check out the Authorized Connected Grid Partner Program. It offers: Market differentiation as a recognized Cisco Authorized Connected Grid Partner Access to the Cisco Smart Grid Planning Design and Implementation Help Desk Access to the Cisco Emergin…


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Cisco TelePresence Turns Cities “Smart”

A trip to the DMV — a thought that causes mild apprehension and dread — can require a lofty time investment. By lofty, I mean that if you go on your lunch break, don’t count on being home for dinner. It’s just one of those necessary hassles we’ve come to grudgingly accept. But behold the DMV in the energy efficient city of the future, and behold it from your living room couch: a Cisco TelePresence connection that lets you renew your license in…


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“The Internet of Things” takes a step forward with new IPv6 routing protocol

…at are often powered by small batteries that are difficult to replace. A key milestone for the advancement of IP smart object networks is the development of their own routing protocol, that was approved this month by the IETF.  Networks of IP-based smart objects can now be deployed to support a myriad of applications such as smart metering and smart grid networks, and to advance solutions for smart+connected communities. This is no longer a fut…