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So you’ve got a cloud strategy? Sorry. What you need is a roadmap.

…There is an ongoing drive to rationalise the number of information systems within your organisation and achieve interoperability, collaboration and shared standards. How Cisco solves the challenges? Cisco is collaborating with many public and private entreprises on frameworks, common services and reusable components to facilitate the delivery of IT services. We can help conduct complex migrations of apps and data to new standard systems. And you…


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Building a true HetNet

…s approach is with the Cisco Quantum software suite which leverages these technologies, coupled with network intelligence and Service Provider policy preferences. Only a multi-technology and multi-vendor approach can ensure a global interoperability eco-system, something Cisco takes to heart as it helps Service Providers to build true heterogeneous networks. Tweet us @CiscoSP360 about your thoughts or comments….


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Network Services Headers (NSH): Creating a Service Plane for Cloud Networks

…from any location in the network. Agile, elastic service insertion is a core component of any modern network. As service chaining matures, interoperability is a must. The proposed NSH protocol standard provides the required data-plane information needed to construct topologically independent service paths and greatly simplify the provisioning of network services and the deployment of associated applications….


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Industry First: h.264 Video endpoint calls Firefox via Webrtc-enabled Project Squared

…ling within Firefox. No user downloads are necessary – instead, this new technology is transparent to the user and just works. Project Squared is powered by the Cisco Collaboration Cloud, which supports SIP based interoperability without the need for transcoding. See Mozilla’s blog post here for more information. This is a major step forward for the industry, truly bringing the vision of connecting anywhere, from any device, a reality….


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What Is the Cisco Collaboration Cloud?

…umber reach (SNR) to the cloud. And there’s support for additional integrations because we’ve made SIP and XMPP interoperability first-class capabilities of C3. Ecosystem Finally, we knew we needed a platform that worked well within the typical collaboration ecosystem that is so critical for our customers, including partners, administrators, consultants, customer support, and so on. To facilitate that, we’ve made ecosystem another key tenet of ou…


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