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Despite budget constraints, spending on cyber security set to increase according to Cisco study of government IT decision makers

…nd increasing security continue to be top priorities for government IT decision makers. In the face of budget challenges, a majority (59%) of government IT decision makers said they are still likely to increase investment in cyber security over the next year, followed by cloud computing (45%) and networking (42%), according to a new Cisco Connected Government survey. The survey also found that a majority of respondents thought government should…


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Cyber Security Awareness Month 2013: Trust is the Topic

With October designated as Cyber Security Awareness Month, it got me thinking about the connections between awareness and trust. Cisco has made significant investments in what we call “Trustworthy Systems.” These products and services integrate security features, functions, and design practices from the very beginning. We do this because we know that people will be depending on Cisco products for communications critical to their personal and…


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Ten Simple Ways to Enhance Cyber Security for You and Others

…ivities, etc., that you can contact to get assistance. This could be your ISP, your corporate IT department, Help Desk, Information Security (InfoSec) department, or even a friend or coworker. Be vigilant and stay abreast of cyber security news! Regardless of your role and your technical acumen, find at least one source of security intelligence to monitor via RSS, email, Twitter, or by just directly visiting websites. Please visit the Cisco SIO…


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Using DNS RPZ to Block Malicious DNS Requests

…als and miscreants are carrying out malicious activities from disrupting service to actively seeking financial gain. The impact on victims and organizations range from loss of productivity and sometimes a loss in revenue to theft of sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, pin codes, and intellectual properties. Organizations must keep up with latest trends on cyber security and how to use the different…


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A Weekly Dose of Cyber Security Awareness

…n them coming. The bad guys are betting on this. Is this the only source of knowledge needed? Of course not, but the Cyber Risk Report is certainly a great resource to gain insight and keep a pulse on the constantly evolving security landscape. What the Cyber Risk Report Offers The Cyber Risk Report contains a summary and analyses of events and issues that transpired in the week leading up to its publication. Every week a specialized team of…


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