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Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report: Trust Exploitation a Permanent Fixture in the Cyber World (Trustworthy Systems Can Be, Too)

The Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report has been released, following months of collaboration between threat researchers and other cybersecurity experts at Cisco and Sourcefire. As promised, it provides a “warts-and-all analysis” of security news from 2013 and our perspective for the year ahead based on the hard data collected through Cisco security products and analyzed by our researchers. Our report that the cyberthreat and risk landscape has onl…


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Detecting Payment Card Data Breaches Today to Avoid Becoming Tomorrow’s Headline

A few months ago we discussed the various ways that consumer PII is compromised. The recent attacks against Target and Neiman Marcus illustrate the constant threat that payment card accepting retailers of all sizes face. Yesterday Reuters reported that similar breaches over the holidays affected “at least three other well-known U.S. retailers”. Given the current onslaught, it’s a good time for retailers to examine their detection capabilities be…


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2014: A Look Ahead

It’s December and the 2013 cyber security news cycle has just about run its course. We’ve seen more and increasingly virulent attacks, continued “innovation” by adversaries, and a minor revival of distributed denial of services (DDOS) actions perpetrated by hacktivists and other socio-politically motived actors. Against this, Cisco stood up tall in recognizing the importance of strong security as both an ingredient baked into all Cisco products,…


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Our Unofficial Top Ten Cyber Trends for 2014

security as a fundamental component of even the tiniest processors. Not every device or node will have the same security needs. But in 2014, it is not hard to imagine security managers vying for influence with sales and engineering colleagues over unprecedentedly limited processing real estate. 8. New Metrics Help Quantify the Challenge – Former White House cyber security chief Melissa Hathaway recently published a paper titled The Cyber Readine…


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New University Dedicated to STEM, Real-world Relevance

…ome really unique areas of concentration including Big Data Analytics, Cloud Virtualization, Health Informatics, Cyber Gaming, Information Assurance and Cyber Security, and even more. Another unique aspect of this high-tech university is that they work closely with industry partners to ensure strong relevance to real-world needs.  This will ensure graduates are learning the critical skills needed to join some very competitive workforces.  In fact…


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