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So you’ve got a cloud strategy? Sorry. What you need is a roadmap.

…livers what users rightfully expect and need Create a foundation for solving big data challenges Programme 2: Cyber security Why focus here? Make no mistake: hackers are already inside. Your organisation needs a security approach co-ordinated between the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), the IT department, the business and end users – driven by a pragmatic IT security strategy framework which balances risk with benefits. How Cisco solv…


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IT Value Map: your compass for cloud transformation

…pplication/service Benchmarking vs. peer organisation in the region. Governance Pillar 4: Risk management and cyber security The fourth pillar looks at how to create secure information flows while empowering civil servants. This involves putting in place processes for confidentiality, authentication, data integrity and availability while delivering state-of-the-art cyber attack protection and remediation. Example Measurement Metrics: Build an…


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A Dynamic Integration: FireSIGHT and ISE

…rid (pxGrid) to share contextual information between platforms for better visibility, mobile device compliance, cyber threat defense, threat remediation, network troubleshooting and IoT security. The continued integration of Cisco and Sourcefire continues to show the commitment to an evolving and powerful security portfolio, based on these imperatives.  Today we unveil another integration: Cisco ISE with FireSIGHT Management Center using pxGrid….


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Ensuring Security and Trust Stewardship and Accountability

…of how people use network-connected devices to work, play, live, and learn. The relentless rise in information security breaches underscores the deep need for enterprises and governments alike to trust that their systems, data, business partners, customers, and citizens are safe. Consequently, I see an evolution taking place regarding accountability in cybersecurity moving up to the boardroom level, an issue I discussed earlier this year in Fort…


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Threat Spotlight: Group 72, Opening the ZxShell

…the targets network. ZxShell (aka Sensocode) is a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) used by Group 72 to conduct cyber-espionage operations. Once the RAT is installed on the host it will be used to administer the client, exfiltrate data, or leverage the client as a pivot to attack an organization’s internal infrastructure.  Here is a short list of the types of tools included with ZxShell: Keylogger (used to capture passwords and other interesting…


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