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Analytics Solutions for Driving Better Business Outcomes

…s within the next three years,’ two things become clear. First, we no longer need to make the business case for big data and analytics: enterprises clearly understand the value. Second, the next three years will be a whirlwind of data-driven innovation. Line of Business and IT executives alike are feeling a new level of urgency to identify the right analytics use cases for their business and deploy them quickly. Having a Hadoop-based solution tha…


Could Big Data and Cloud go together?

…nding negative sentiment. Both Twitter and Facebook provide several real time analytics capabilities leveraging big data technologies that they pioneered themselves.  These analytics run within their cloud environment and provider users real time insights. Scenario 2: Cloud and Web In order to analyze and generate insights quickly, it is imperative that we analyze the data where it is produced.  Today, data is being generated via various sources…


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Coming to NRF: Lisa Fretwell on Shopping Trends, New Frontiers

Cisco will be featured in two Big Idea sessions at this year’s NRF conference starting tomorrow, and I’m happy to introduce guest blogger Lisa Fretwell, who will be leading one of these two seminars. Lisa is the Managing Director of Retail at Cisco Consulting Services, specializing in the Internet of Everything and analytics, and how these new capabilities can transform and differentiate retail and consumer product businesses: In tod…


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Industry’s First Ever Standard Based Benchmark Result for Big Data

…+ combined publications and hundreds of research papers ever since that drove several innovations in relational database management systems. The industry and technology landscapes have changed. IT is being extended far beyond traditional transaction processing and data warehousing to big data and analytics. Foreseeing the industry transition the TPC has developed TPC Express Benchmark HS (TPCx-HS) – industry’s first (and so far the only) st…


IT professionals and end users. Cui Bono?

As a Senior Network Engineer I’ve seen many end-user issues that look like big problems but are actually very simple. The difficulty lies in a lack of understanding between end users and IT teams who support them. In this article, I want to give some advice to improve communications and relationships between these two groups. End users Here are tips to help you get the best tech support possible and make the process is less painful going…


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