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Introducing TPCx-HS – first Industry Standard for Benchmarking Big Data Systems

…– the first standard that provides verifiable performance, price/performance and energy consumption metrics for big data systems. TPCx-HS can be used to asses a broad range of system topologies and implementation methodologies for Hadoop, in a technically rigorous and directly comparable, vendor-neutral manner. And while modeling is  based on a simple application, the results are highly relevant to Big Data hardware and software systems. Develop…


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The Internet of Everything Is the New Economy

…net. The change is much bigger than technology alone. The new IoE economy will profoundly affect people, things, data, and processes. Find out more in this short video, based on my article, The Internet of Everything Is the New Economy.  Further reading: Cisco IT Insights Series: Network Architecture for Internet of Everything: The Network: Artery and Brain for Big Data – Part 1 Big Data: Not Just Big, But Different – Part 2 Seven Essential…


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A platform for Hadoop as a Service (HaaS): Cisco UCS and OpenStack

…ing the availability of Cisco Validated Design for HaaS with Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture (CPA v2) for Big Data. The solution uses Hortonworks Data Platform and Canonical OpenStack Platform on Cisco UCS CPA v2 for Big Data. The objective of the CVD is to provide step by step instructions that help ensure fast, reliable, and predictable deployments should a customer decide that the time is right to virtualize Hadoop. Additional Informati…


Internet of Things – The Technical Reality

…blem is, people have limited time, attention and accuracy—all of which means they are not very good at capturing data about things in the real world. And that’s a big deal…” There are very real and substantive things being done with IoT Our goal for this show was to expose you to the reality and give you a few examples. Yes the numbers are big. The opportunity is even bigger. What it is. What it is not. IoT: The intelligent connectivity of physi…


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Analytics: A New Model for Creating Great, Personalized Customer Experiences

…sibilities? In today’s enterprise world, three major centers of influence—and budget—are coming together in the data analytics space: IT departments manage the data infrastructure and tend to focus on an infrastructure-centered view. Their focus is in understanding how the large volume of data available in the IT system can be effectively transported, stored, and managed. They focus on the inside-out question: “how can big data help solve criti…


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