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Cisco ANZ CTO Looks ahead: Trends Impacting the Networking Industry in 2014

…acquire (even disappear?) to adjust to new business models. 3. “Business funds technology projects”–The pie gets bigger Overall worldwide IT spending is expected to grow 5% year over year to $2.1T in 2014. However, the big change for the industry is who is requiring, authorizing and funding this investment. IDC predicts that business (ie outside IT) will fund 61% of all technology projects. 4. “Big Data and Predictive Analytics”– We want to know…


Back to the Future: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

…ollective of your so-called “smart” devices, your social networks or other networked services, and how much more data is left behind. Same for machines to machine: a jet engine produces terabytes of data about its performance in just a few minutes, it would be impossible to send this data to some remote computer or network and act on the engine locally.  We already know Big Data is not just growing, it is exploding! The conclusion is simple: one…


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Cisco CMX @ NRF 2014

…tters”, “Analyze Decide”, “Mobilize”, “Mobility solutions”, “Big data”, “Customer engagement”, “Adaptive offers”, “Personalized customer experience”, “Customer Experience Analytics” We certainly are entering the era where using data, analytics and personalization is no longer just an interesting notion or “nice to have” for retail –…


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My Top 7 Predictions for Open Source in 2014

…ility, 2013 has been nothing short of spectacular.  As an eternal optimist, I believe 2014 will be even better: Big data’s biggest play will be in meatspace, not cyberspace.  There is just so much data we produce and give away, great opportunity for analytics in the real world. Privacy and security will become ever more important, particularly using Open Source, not closed. Paradoxically, this is actually good news as Open Source shows us again,…


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TPC forms Big Data Benchmark Standards Committee

…: Early Attempts at Civilized Competition, and A Measure of Transaction Processing Power by Jim Gray et al]. Big Data was identified as one of the top areas for industry standard benchmark developments at the recent VLDB, TPCTC, WBDB and other conferences. Keeping this in mind and continuing the commitment to developing relevant benchmark standards, the TPC has created a Big Data Working Group (TPC-BDWG) tasked with developing industry standards…