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Participation, Collaboration, Community

…nnovation, and productivity is the ability to navigate at unprecedented scale and speed, complex and distributed communities (networks) of information, people, and things. By tapping the power of these networks, communities can effectively share ideas, expertise, and knowledge, encouraging richer levels of participation. Smart City development and services through partnerships, collaboration, and community was a major theme at the London Policy C…


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City of the Future

Have you ever heard the phrase “the person that thinks the world revolves around them?” If that person lived in the City of the Future, that statement might not be far from the truth. A smarter energy grid could cut energy costs in half. More personal retail experiences could use location-based technology. More efficient health care could be available. For example, innovation will change public transportation – and the resident’s experience. Tha…


People at the Center of Public Policy: The Network as a Platform for Participatory Democracy

…cher patterns of participation and engagement. Consider this: today, there are more devices than people on earth connected over the Internet. Cisco estimates this inflection point happened sometime between 2008 and 2009 and forecasts that this growth will continue exponentially – doubling to at least 25 billion devices in 2015, and to 50 billion devices by 2020. These smart physical objects and devices, connected to each other and to humans aroun…


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City of Baltimore: Benefits of Secure Cities and Smart+Connected Community approach

…on effectively, manage data deluge, improve decision making, and collaboration, to deliver safer and more secure communities.  In brief,  Smart+Connected communities deliver transformational benefits: Economic, Social and Environmental. Kudos to City of Baltimore and its public and private organization leadership and companies involved in demonstrating how a smart city does more with less and the collaborating agencies that made it happen. What a…


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Next-Generation Networks for Socioeconomic Development

…knowledge economies; providing better quality of life services; and supporting the flow of commerce. Within the Connected Nation concept are key areas of focus that contribute to the success of the strategy. They include specialist sectors, such as health, education, and government, but also encompass the idea of Smart+ Connected Communities — which deliver and manage the power of the info-structure within a pre-defined geographic, economi…


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