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There is No Limit to Innovation

…-based investments over the next three years to explore new, disruptive markets, including: big data/analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), connected mobility, advanced storage, silicon, content technology ecosystem, and India innovation. The $150 million in funding builds on our previously announced $100 million plan to invest in IoE-focused starts ups and funds. These seven themes provide a unique lens into where markets are headed, how…


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Announcing Open Submissions for the IoT Innovation Grand Challenge!

At the recent IoT World Forum Steering Committee meeting one of the topics that came up again and again was innovation – the need for innovation in business models, the need for innovation in our lives as the Internet of Everything approaches, and the need for innovation with developing the “things” that will be connecting to the IoT. One of Cisco’s ongoing business strategies is to invest in innovation and so I’m excited to share that we’re…


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Roadmap for Additional Discussion on Net Neutrality in Europe

…Parliament today attempts to define this category in a very narrow and technology prescriptive way. This limited definition introduces additional complexity and cost burden for no clear benefit, and will soon be obsolete as innovation drives technology forward. In contrast, we believe that any definition for specialized services should open up, rather than close off, potential paths to future digital innovation.  We need to ask ourselves a…


Open innovation: Harnessing the ideas, talent and passion of the startup eco-system

…xternal ideas as well as internal ideas – and internal and external paths to market1.  Open innovation enables us to stay abreast of and shape the next big change that is going to impact Cisco and our industry. To bring open innovation into Cisco and make it part of our DNA, we have recently launched a new startup innovation program called Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR).  Cisco EIR is a program that allows Cisco to directly engage and…


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Increasing Business Investments and IT Opportunities

…business leaders are spending more than 25% of their budgets on technology.  To the extent that there’s any correlation between innovation investment and business advantage, perhaps eastern countries are poised to gain some innovation advantage in the near future? Perhaps, but innovation is also affected by each company’s ability to leverage their IT expertise and infrastructure. Business leaders in India and the UK may be tapping into more of…


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