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Deliver High Performance Cloud Services with the new ASR 1001-X

…ator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) to enable Host mobility, Ingress traffic load-balancing, high VPN scale, and IPv6 transition Route Reflector: Up to 13M IPv4 routes (selective download) Multimedia Edge: Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) Enterprise Edition to offer 16k calls Ease of Management: Seamless integration and management with Cisco Prime Infrastructure. I am often asked how each one of the benefits will help our customers so I wanted…


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Hitchhiker’s Guide for Service Providers at Cisco Live, San Francisco

…eek, with a specific focus on the software capabilities of the routing and switching platforms in 4 key areas – IPv6, SDN, MPLS Transport & Ethernet Services, and IP Routing. First up, IPv6! The exhaustion of IPv4 is not the only driving force for IPv6 adoption. Service Provider IPv6 deployments are rapidly ramping up with a majority of SPs looking towards IPv6. Join us for a recap on ‘IPv6 – From Intro to Intermediate’ (Session ID: BRKRST-21…


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Cisco 500 Small Business Series

…) – when a phone is plugged in Desktops – automatically configure PortFast Wireless access points IPv6 Support – it’s here already! Security Access control lists (ACLs) Time based ACLs Guest VLANs Supports Radius and TACACS+ Bonjour support With Apple products in more environments it is becoming apparent to support Bonjour to allow features such as AirPlay. The Cisco Small Business 500 Series switches are perfect…


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Global IT Report Identifies Key Policies for the Internet of Everything

…eased from 25 percent to over 98 percent over the last decade. The introduction of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) now removes the technical limit on the number of devices that can connect to the Internet, theoretically allowing for trillions of trillions (1038). Improving the ability of IP networks to transmit data for processing, as well as enabling networks to create, analyze and act on data insights can accelerate the positive impact from…


Cisco Live 2014 San Francisco: Security Technology Track

…e to site, remote access, hub and spoke, dynamic spoke to spoke partial mesh, different redundancy options, and IPv6 integration. LTRSEC-2740 – ASA Clustering Deployment and Troubleshooting This is a deep dive hands-on lab session where attendees will work with the practical aspects of deploying Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) clusters and troubleshooting connectivity issues with the adjacent network infrastructure devices. LTRSEC-3021…


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