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In our first installment of the “We’re Listening” blog series, Brian Jeffries details Cisco’s aggressive changes to our overall process for software licensing. Brian is Vice President of Sales Operations, and leads a Cisco-wide initiative focused on simplifying our customers’ software licensing experience.

Brian Jeffries   By  Guest Contributor Brian Jeffries

We’ve heard you- our customers and partners- loud and clear on software licensing: you want a better Cisco software experience, from the time you request a quote to the time you activate your software. I’m happy to tell you that a better experience is coming, and you will start to see many improvements within the next few months.

We launched the Cisco Software Simplification initiative in March of this year to aggressively address our software lifecycle from end-to-end, including licensing, in order to provide you with a vastly simplified and consistent software experience.

As part of the Simplification initiative, our first step was to establish a standardized approach for licensing across all software products at Cisco. This new, contractual licensing approach will make it easier for you to get access to the software you’ve purchased, while providing a shared, accurate view of your software assets, so that you can manage your software versions and licenses more efficiently. We’ve also included many of the features you’ve been asking for, such as license pooling, simpler product registration and entitlement transfers, and a single software asset manager that will track all Cisco software usage within your network.  

Many of you have already heard us talk about this new licensing approach, in presentations to our Enterprise Technical Advisory Board, Partner Operations Advisory Board, Partner Technical Advisory Board, Cisco Live! and in smaller focus groups. Your positive feedback tells us we’re going in the right direction, while your suggestions have helped us make adjustments where needed. We’ll continue to keep you actively involved as we move forward to ensure that our solution meets your needs.

In addition to standardizing our licensing, we are making significant improvements to our software management tools, including:

So what can you expect to see? Over the next year, we’ll make the following improvements:

It will take time to fully implement all the changes we have planned, but we are committed to hitting these targets, and we promise to keep you actively engaged throughout the process.

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Brian Jeffries

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