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It was a busy week over here at Cisco! How did your week go? Check out below all our top news stories of the week!

1.) More than Just a Vendor: How Cisco Differs from the Competition

For more than 25 years, Cisco has systematically invested in customer relationships and developed a reputation for doing whatever it takes to deliver on its commitments. Learn more about how Cisco sets itself apart from the competition. Networks matter more now than ever, and so does your choice of networking partner.

2.) Innovators: Joel Bion, Defining Innovation

Joel Bion’s career spans two decades at Cisco with innovation at the heart of what he does. Listen to how Bion defines innovation, in his own words. How do you define innovation?

3.) Graffiti and Trash Go to the Cloud

Towns and cities around the world are plagued by graffiti, “fly-tipping” and other environmental crimes. But a simple idea that leverages cloud computing is helping communities across the U.K. fight back.  How is your city or town using cloud computing to improve services and quality of life?

4.) Cisco Hosts Financial Analyst Conference 2011

On Tuesday Cisco hosted its annual financial analyst conference event exclusively for the investment community. Learn more about the event and watch a replay of the webcast here.

We have another busy week coming up so check out what’s in store!

And that’s a wrap! Have a great weekend. As usual I’ll be here every Friday bringing you The Network’s top news stories of the week.

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