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It was another busy week here at Cisco! Check out the top news stories of the week.

1.) The Broadband Debate

This new feature addresses the issue of broadband as a basic right. Country by country issues vary, but how can access be achieved? Do you think countries should make broadband access a basic right?

2.) How Video is Helping to Save Brazil’s Indigenous Tribes

Video footage is raising awareness of tribes people in the Amazon rainforest, helping to save vulnerable communities from extinction. How do you think video is capturing cultural experiences and changing lives?

3.) Cisco Innovation Enables the Most Scalable Data Centers

On Tuesday, Cisco introduced additions to its data center networking portfolio that deliver unmatched architectural flexibility and scale for physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. Learn more about the announcement here.

4.) Cisco Announces Cisco Nexus Fabric Extenders for HP BladeSystem

This week Cisco and HP also made a significant joint announcement! Co-engineered by both companies, the new solution allows customers to easily connect and configure their HP BladeSystem infrastructure and Cisco Unified Fabric.

Here’s some content to look forward to next week!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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