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Happy Friday! In case you didn’t hear we launched a new corporate news site! “The Network: Cisco’s Technology News Site” is our effort to tell stories and share information on the topics that are the most important to Cisco, namely: Video, Collaboration, Core Networks, Data Center, Cisco Culture and social media!

We will create, share and curate content on these topics as a part of our overall Cisco voice.  We have also commissioned world-class reporters who have worked at Fortune, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, AP and more to create content on our core technology news topics.  The purpose of these stories isn’t to showcase Cisco, but to create compelling content in the topical areas that we care about.

Check out this introductory video on “The Network” to learn more about the new site!

Here’s a few other big news stories of the week!

1.) Holographic 3D: Problem-Solving that Pops

Check out this feature on how 3D holographic prints provide a powerful, intuitive way to visualize architectural designs, explore oil and gas reserves, and plan military operations.

2.) Cisco and Partners Extend Reach of Social Collaboration

This week at Enterprise 2.0, Cisco announced that we are extending its reach of social collaboration through a new deployment model for Quad, Cisco’s enterprise collaboration platform. Watch the video above that walks you through some of the news.

Take a look at some of the top news stories for next week…

That’s it folks! Have a great weekend.

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  1. Glad to see you are expanding Quad. Thanks!


  2. Just dropped by and wanted to say that your site looks really nice & smooth, and the video is cool. Also the one of Doron is nice, i think for next ones the camera could me a bit more stable. Anyway, social (in all kinds and forms) is the way to go, so good work ;)


  3. Thanks for the great information and video, Lindsay.


  4. Rob the Techie

    I absolutely love the promotional video! (the new site looks cool too :P) Now, how to tear myself away from the new site and get back to work? hmmm….


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