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Cisco just released the 2012 edition of its mobile VNI* report, entitled Cisco VNI Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2011-2016.”

The report’s conclusion: a tsunami of mobile data traffic is headed our way, growing in size and speed through 2016 and likely beyond.  Over the next five years, mobile data traffic worldwide will grow 18-fold!

What’s triggering this tsunami of mobile traffic?

For a quick and fun look at the highlights – the report came out on Valentine’s Day, after all – check out this animation, “A Mobile Love Story in Paris: How Multiple Devices will Drive Data Traffic in 2016.”

The implications are noteworthy, whether you’re a service provider, an enterprise manager, or a user who can’t imagine life without your smartphone or tablet.

For service providers, CNET’s Don Reisinger captures the impact:  “Some of the world’s top carriers are struggling to keep up with mobile data demands… if Cisco’s forecast is to be believed, carriers will be forced to spend boatloads of cash in the coming years on improving infrastructure to handle the sheer amount of data that will cross their lines.”

For enterprise managers, your employees will expect the most powerful mobile devices running on the fastest networks so they can access seemingly limitless amounts of video content.

Thanks to the Mobile VNI forecast, forewarned is forearmed:  this tsunami is coming.

*The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) researches and reports worldwide IP data traffic and usage trends to provide objective forecasting and analysis to our customers, industry, media, and governments.  A highly-regarded information source cited frequently in business and industry press, VNI data has been used by tier 1 Cisco customers to develop network capacity plans and by regulatory agencies globally to shape broadband policies.

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