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Earnhardt to Leave Company His Father Founded

I grew up in North Carolina and with my last name the questions about “relation” came fast and furious. Any time I wrote a check or used a credit card the question would come, “any relation to Dale?”On February 18, 2001, Dale Earnhardt died in a crash at the Daytona 500 (by coincidence my dad’s birthday is February 18). Although we were only distantly related, it felt like a loss of a family member. After all, I had grown up with him in many ways…especially the questions. He became to be known in our family as “cousin Dale” because it was the answer that questioners wanted to hear.Today, we learn that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is leaving the racing team and company that his father started. It is too bad that the the two sides couldn’t work things out, but business is business I s’pose.Which leads me to the point of this blog: Cisco and Microsoft. Read More »

Cisco Field Update: One Step Closer to “Play Ball!!”

Last year, we announced that one of the newest Major League Baseball stadiums would be named “Cisco Field” and it would be the home to the Athletics, currently of Oakland. The new stadium will be in Fremont, CA…just down the road from Oakland and closer to the heart of Silicon Valley. Today, the A’s announced that we are all one step closer to the reality of Cisco Field.Oakland Athletics logo.bmpThe press release issued today, states, “Oakland Athletics owner Lew Wolff, Cisco and ProLogis announced today that they have signed land agreements enabling the Cisco Field ballpark process to move forward. The A’s now have completed the land transaction and control 226-acres of land in the City of Fremont where the new Cisco Field ballpark and the urban village will be built. In addition, the A’s will continue to work with the City staff on the steps necessary to commence the public application process.” Read More »

Artichokes: 3 for 99c

I don’t like artichokes. I don’t know how much they cost, nor how much they should cost. I was at the Stanford Mall last night getting some corn at the veggie and fruit market next to Schaub’s (home of the famous Fred’s steak – get it for your first cook-out of the season if you’ve never tried it!!) and a woman with her beautiful golden retriever was looking at the artichokes that were 3 for 99c. I thought that a good price even with my aforementioned lack of knowledge of artichoke pricing. The woman, however, had different expectations. “These are the LARGE artichokes?” she asked the stock man. “Yes,” he said, “they are the big ones.” “The bigs ones must have already been picked through because these (holding one up) are definitely not that big…or heavy enough,” she said. “Do I have to buy three?”artichoke.jpgOur expectations of artichokes were quite different. Which brings me to our earnings report yesterday. Read More »

How are all your cats doing?

I’m in the elevator this morning and I overhear this conversation.Elevatormate #1: How are things?Elevatormate #2: Good. You?Elevatormate #1: Good. How are all your cats doing?Elevatormate #2: They’re all good now. Thanks for asking.cute-kitten.jpgSure, the image of the stereotypical cat lady popped into my head and I immediately wondered, “how many cats?” However, what struck me is that is was a genuine caring question and a genuine thankful response about the well-being of loved ones. This person’s cats mean a lot to her and it sounded like there may have been some kitty health issues in the past, so she was thankful to be able to report that they are all good now. And (this is how my mind works) it made me think of the op-ed on evidence-based healthcare that our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeff Rideout, published in this past Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle. Read More »

Star Trek Technology is Here

Have you ever seen a TV show and said, “wow, that’s really cool technology they’re showing, but it will never be reality?” I’ll be honest. I was never a huge fan of Star Trek, but what I did enjoy, other than Shatner’s fine acting, was the technology. Sure, I watched it from time to time and I enjoyed the movies…especially with Ricardo Montalban as Khan (I kept waiting for him to say, “Welcome to Fantasy Island” or “fine Corinthian leather“)…but I never attended a Star Trek convention or bought vulcan ears or anything like that. captain-kirk.jpgThe technology, however, was supercool. How cool was it to get beamed up? Or talk on your wrist watch? Or go to warp speed? Or talk to a full life size person on a video screen…even if they were Klingon? Well, we can basically talk on a wrist watch now…and the full size person on the video screen is now with us with Cisco’s TelePresence. Read More »