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Fighting the trolls

Coalition Seeks Patent Litigation ReformTechnology vendors, including Cisco Systems, Intel and Hewlett-Packard have formed a coalition to push for reforms in patent litigation, CNET reported.A formal announcement will be made in the coming weeks and more companies from diverse market sectors are expected to join the group by then. Called the Coalition for Patent Fairness, the group is particularly concerned with”patent trolls,” companies that set out to file patent infringement lawsuits solely to force settlement offers. “We are concerned about what we see as the growing imbalance in the application of patent law heavily in favor of plaintiff-as-patent-holder at the expense of patent holders more focused on developing, producing and marketing,” coalition president Doug Comer, Intel’s director of legal affairs and technology policy, told CNET.

Power to the Consumer

Digging Digital IncubatorsJupiterResearch analyst Barry Parr, responded to our recent post about innovative, new media developments at the around-the-clock student network, mtvU, including its “œDigiltal Incubators” program for student video creators in which Cisco is a partner.”Regarding the MTVU story, it’s beginning to look like online audio and video crossed some kind of threshold last year,” Parr wrote.”With new options like Google Video, YouTube, podcasts, and vlogs, real people are beginning to realize that “publishing” on the Web no longer means HTML and that you no longer need access to a TV or radio station. That is breakthrough.”œThe parallel breakthrough in video in particular will be the creation of new forms of video programming,” Parr added.”You could argue that we haven’t seen one of those since the invention of the music video.” Dan Scheinman, senior VP of corporate development for Cisco, said something similar recently in describing disruption now occurring in the consumer, home networking market. It’s no coincidence that Scheinman is spearheading Cisco’s partnership with mtvU.”The media business is in a disruptive era and consumers are being empowered to create and share their own content,” Dan Scheinman, senior VP of corporate development for Cisco, told CNET recently. “It’s important for (Cisco) to see where the trends are going so we can build capabilities into our products to enable it.” The exact nature of the development of future content creation and its delivery “is still evolving,” said Rob Enderle, president of the Enderle Group. “But many people think that there will be a significant expansion of that market, and Cisco,” Enderle said, “as a seller of everything from network gear to set top boxes, is in a unique position to be the supplier of technology into the home.”

What’s up with Mag Rack, fuse and sportskool?

Embracing Disruptive Media You can expect to see more and more funny names within the Cisco galaxy of partners and customers as it focuses on delivering a coming flood of video traffic across the network and into the home.Most recently, Rainbow Media Holdings said it tapped Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, to deploy Scientific Atlanta’s PowerVu digital content distribution systems for the analog-to-digital migration of its programming. “With the explosion of new services and the bandwidth they require growing every day, Rainbow Media has greatly enhanced its ability to support new VOD (Video-on-Demand) and HD video services with the implementation of bandwidth-efficient digital video distribution,” said Dean Rockwell, vice president and general manager for Digital Media Networks at Scientific Atlanta. So get familiar with Rainbow Media’s lineup of cool television programming.The company owns a portfolio of cutting edge programming, including AMC, a 24-hour movie network; fuse, a music television network; and the Independent Film Channel.Rainbow is also deeply involved in Video-on-Demand (VOD) programming, with Mag Rack, designed for specific consumer audiences; and sportskool, a network dedicated to delivering in-depth sports expert instruction and coaching.Where else can you tips on skiing from Bode Miller, or soccer insight from Mia Hamm?

The Era of Advanced Collaboration is Coming

Real Unified CommunicationsIn a keynote at the Interop show in Las Vegas, Cisco Systems President and CEO John Chambers, spoke of how evolving collaboration systems will take the collaboration ability of dispersed organizations beyond anything now seen.”Collaboration isn’t about data or video or voice or mobility, it’s about how you combine that experience,” Chambers said, according to IDG News Service’s Stephen Lawson in a Network World story.”It will change how enterprises deal with customers and partners and even level the playing field among companies and countries, he (Chambers) said.” Lawson wrote:”Cisco’s push on collaboration is part of a vision of all applications becoming accessible on all devices at all times, through virtualization of storage, applications and processing.” To hear all of the Chambers keynote, go to the News@Cisco Webcast.

Expanding the Conversation

InfoWorld on NotesTom Sullivan, Home Page Editor at, weighed in with a quick assessment of just-launched News@Cisco Notes on the InfoWorld Daily blog:”œFormer InfoWorld associate editor Jack McCarthy kickstarted a new blog at News@Cisco. A vendor blog, true, but “it’s going to be part of the blogosphere conversation with links outside Cisco,” McCarthy told me very early this morning. I don’t doubt his ability to pull that off, either, since he was the editor behind our Tech Watch group news blog.”One thing is for sure. We do want this space to be part of the networking conversation, so when the spirit moves, feel free to add comments below.