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Smashing Pumpkins Part of Human Network

I’m outside of Asheville, NC this week visiting my parents and other family and was able to score some tickets to last night’s Smashing Pumpkins show at the Orange Peel. They are on a mini-tour and playing 9 shows in Asheville, NC and the same amount (I think) in San Francisco, CA. Anyway, it was a good show…only about 900 of us there…but what struck me was ALL the digital cameras…still and video…in the crowd. I’m exaggerating only a little when I say that my brother and I were some of the only ones not capturing the concert digitally.As an experiment, I checked Flickr and Youtube to see if any of the photos and videos were up from last night. They aren’t yet…or I couldn’t find them, but there are many photos and videos from previous night’s shows.So, Smashing Pumpkins’ fans are clearly part of the human network and what better way to market than to have others do it for you…much like this blog entry is doing. Pumpkins, you are welcome. : ) Read More »

CAGE MATCH: Google v. Microsoft v. Cisco

Which is the best place to work? There is some scuttlebutt in the blogosphere and reported in ComputerWorld about a post written by a former-Google, now-Microsoft employee that Microsoft is a better place to work. Let me put this argument to rest…the best place to work is Cisco…IMNSHO…No, I haven’t worked at Google. No, I haven’t worked at Microsoft…so, my view might be a bit skewed, however, having been here for over eight years I can tell you that Cisco does care about its employees and that QOL ranks right up there with QOS. (I do have friends at both Microsoft and Google, however, and they like working at both places, respectively.) Read More »

Did Someone Say iPhone?

It hasn’t gotten much coverage lately, but apparently Apple is launching their iPhone this Friday at 6PM or thereabouts. Our good friends at AT&T are providing the service plans and by all the accounts I have read Apple will sell well more than 100 in the first day. (I should point out that math is not my strong point.)It looks like a super cool new device and I certainly wish them all the luck in the world. As a matter of fact, I e-mailed with one of Apple’s PR people last week to grab an icy cold beverage on the first day of summer and they said they would love to get together but they were likely going to be too busy working on their iPhone launch. My immediate response, of course, was the Cisco iPhone? It got a smile. Read More »

The Impact of Blogs: Washington 2.0

As I’ve said before navel gazing is rarely a good thing…but I still do it. Blogging about blogging definitely falls into this category, but there is a great article by Chris Frates of (along with Jeanne Cummings) reporting about the efficacy of blogs in the public policy world. Our high tech policy blog was our company’s first blog launched in February of 2005 and we have found it to be a great way to be a part of policy discussions. Verizon’s policy blog, Google’s blog and NAM’s blog are mentioned in the story and as Verizon’s John “CZ” Czwartacki correctly points out, “Absent a blog, absent an online voice, it’s happening completely without us. It’s a conversation. If you’re going to talk about a policy matter that’s important to Verizon, we’d like to have an earned seat at the table. You ignore this conversation at your own risk.” Read More »

Cisco Concludes Memorable NXTcomm 2007 Experience

Closing NXTcomm 2007 Booth Tour: Making the Connected Life a Reality
Duration: 2 min. 33 sec.More Connected Life Ideas and Thoughts from NXTComm 2007 Attendees
Duration: 2 min. 9 sec.Final NXTcomm Thoughts from Jeff Spagnola
Duration: 1 min. 5 sec.