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Cisco C-Scape Conference – Field of Dreams

Based on the first day here, I’d say this is a really well done analyst conference. People are well looked after, and the WiFi access is pretty good. Cisco has mixed up the format and made things a bit more interactive and conversational, instead of straight up presentations.The overall content has been fairly high level, but still some good takeaways. I only cover a small amount of Cisco’s world, so I can’t really comment on everything in detail.I also got some photos and a video clip to post, but I don’t have the tools with me to upload to my PC unfortunately. I’ll get those up here when I get back on Thursday.John Chambers gave the opening presentation, and he sure is fun to watch. He knows how to work the room, and roams all over, constantly moving, and never misses a beat. If you want to see for yourself, come back in a couple of days when I get my video clip posted.If anyone can build a field of dreams -- and sell you on the vision, it’s Mr. Chambers. As you’ll soon see, I mean this both literally and figuratively. Read More »

Video the Future for Cisco

A key idea that emerged from the C-Scape Conference in San Jose was that Cisco’s future will be inextricably linked to video. Numerous bloggers picked up on this concept in their blogs about the conference.GigaOM Chambers: Video is the killer appInformationWeek Blog Cisco’s Telepresent FutureVoIP Service Solution The Future is Bright for Video

Visionary Flair Marks C-Scape Conference

Cisco CEO John Chambers spoke passionately at the opening event of the two-day Cisco-sponsored C-Scape Conference in San Jose, describing the culture of change and innovation that Cisco and countries, governments and businesses worldwide are embracing.”In India, the country is on fire, the most optimistic young people anywhere in the world are in India, you can see the confidence building,” said Chambers.”In Singapore, they are thinking 10 years out, building the gateway to the future. They are changing models, building infrastructure to provide a gig to the home. Cisco is partnering uniquely with these key players around the world.” Read More »

Cisco Joins Second Life

With the launch of Cisco’s latest Integrated Services Router (ISR) Empowered Branch launch, Cisco has taken its first step into Second Life. Our first foray in Second Life was the launch of the new ISR product, but this is just the beginning of the Cisco’s campus in Second Life. For Cisco, it is about the Human Network. Part of that is becoming part of communities in Real Life, and now, in Second Life. We opened the Cisco campus to better explain and show who we are, what we are about, and how we are powering the Human Network. And, that means more than just showcasing products (or, giving away T-shirts and virtual Cisco phones in Second Life). It means working with the community, becoming part of the community. Read More »

Scientific Atlanta’s HD Encoder Wins The Day

Consumers are getting to enjoy increasingly higher quality video images, and a driver of that experience is Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, and its continued development of products that enhance home entertainment. This week, the Consumer Electronics Association cited Scientific Atlanta’s MPEG-4 HDTV Advanced Compression Encoder (Model D9054) as an International CES Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree. “Scientific Atlanta’s new Model D9054 HD Advanced Video Compression Encoder is the first single-slice per picture AVC encoder, setting an unprecedented benchmark in HD video quality at low bit rates,” the award citation said.