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Telco 2.0 and the Connected Life

BusinessWeek had it right, Cisco CEO John Chambers said today, about its feature article last week on the service provider industry. The Telecommunications industry was indeed very much recovering -and in some cases, thriving, after near-death experiences earlier this decade. The reasons as to why are quite extensive, but in many ways, the resurgence is due to a rethinking of the industry itself.As John highlighted, providers are no longer defined by their access technology and no longer looking at only traditional services. Instead, they are looking at a much wider swath of the market, which they can now address with their new IP-based next generation networks. What they deliver is becoming not a one-size-fits-all service, but rather they are offering much more integrated or blended services. The battle for the customer will be determined not just by price, but much more by the value that providers offer customers. It’s also a signal that customers are very much leading the way for the industry.At NXTcomm: Hear various comments on the Connected LifeDuration: 1 min. 36 sec. Read More »

Preparing for “Universe Expansion” at NXTcomm 2007 in Chicago

NXTcomm 2007 will convene in Chicago from June 18-21 (consolidating the former TelecomNEXT and GlobalComm events). This year’s show theme is “The ICET (Information, Communication, Entertainment and Technology) Universe Expands.” As a NXTcomm 2007 exhibitor and sponsor, a few of the many Cisco activities will include: – John Chambers, Cisco Systems, Inc. Chairman and CEO, will deliver the keynote address on June 19, 2007. – More than 10 Cisco executives and technical experts will participate in various NXTcomm panels and conferences. – The Cisco booth (# 4851) will highlight”The Connected Life“-demonstrating profitable services for customers at home, at work, and on the move. Read More »

NXTcomm 2007″€the “next big thing” is personalization

As NXTcomm 2007 begins here in Chicago (June 18-21), many attendees will be searching for”the next big thing” to help sustain the growth and profitability that the global service provider market has enjoyed throughout FY07. While compelling applications like IPTV and TelePresence continue to gain greater subscriber adoption, the next big thing may lie in the”little things” that customers are able to do with these and other services-personalize them.From Cisco’s perspective, service personalization allows residential and business subscribers to tailor offerings to meet their unique individual interests or corporate needs. Customization can encompass a wide array of options-services on-demand, content preferences, buddy lists, quality of experience (i.e., standard- or high-definition) and much more. As we’re demonstrating in our Cisco booth (# 4851),”The Connected Life” means that personalized services are always available and accessible everywhere a subscriber goes. NXTcomm’s event organizers understand the value and importance of personalization. Attendees will have an opportunity to use”myNXTcomm“-an automated web-based service that gathers solutions, contacts and resources and personalizes them for the NXTcomm community.I look forward to sharing my”personal” NXTcomm 2007 insights with you throughout the week and I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas to this blog as well.The Connected Life: at home, at work, and on the moveSee a Pre-show tour of the Cisco booth at NXTcomm with Doug WebsterDuration: 3 min. 12 sec.

Cisco CEO Challenge: “Use Collaborative Technologies to Cut Back Travel”

In a video message to employees today (internal use only), Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers challenged all Cisco employees to “cancel one trip this quarter and use Web 2.0 collaboration technologies to conduct your business in lieu of traveling.” Chambers made the video from his laptop computer…and, yes, as most of us mere mortals do, one never quite knows where to look when using a webcam. : )As I see it, his challenge has many goals. It is a way to demonstrate the power of our collaborative technologies (be it TelePresence, WebEx or MeetingPlace). After all, if we don’t demonstrate our technology to customers and potential customers, how are they going to see the power of the network and our technologies. Sure, it’s also a way to save some dough — we are, after all, a frugal company, which our shareholders and investors love. And, sure, it’s also a way to take some strain off of the environment. Read More »

Cisco and Education: Hand in Hand

We do a lot in education across the company and most recently dedicated a lot of money and human resources to helping transform education and schools in Louisiana and Mississippi after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita – our 21S program…or 21 Century Schools Progam. We are coming up in our second year of the investment and I thought