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VIDEO: Cisco Global Education Lead Talks Tech Trends in Higher-Education

At Educause ’07, which took place in Seattle, WA in late October, the tradeshow focused on IT solutions for higher education, Cisco led the conversation about the technology trends in security and Web 2.0 permeating through university and college communities. Cisco Global Education Lead, Charles Fadel, in this”three questions” interview highlights some of these trends and how the network is taking center stage in meeting the needs of the wider university population.Charles answers the following questions: 1.What are the major tech trends Cisco is seeing in higher ed?2.What roles does the network play in enabling these trends? 3.Who is driving these trends?

Customer Support Phone Number for Linksys in U.S.: (800) 326-7114

The day after Thanksgiving in the U.S., Linksys offered a special on its Wireless-G Home Router (WRH54G). Because this product is also offered in India, Linksys unintentionally failed to change the tech support number supplied with the product on materials in the box (Quick Install Guide and User Manual). The technical support number is a Toll-Free 1800 number owned by Linksys in India intended for our customers in India. Because of this error, customers who purchased the product in the US have a 1800 technical support number that does not dial into Linksys technical support. Linksys is aware of the incorrect phone number on the materials in the WRH54G box. We are currently finding a solution to this issue and apologize for any inconvenience or embarrassment this has caused to our customers. In the meantime we are instructing customers who require support on this product to call the correct number at: (800) 326-7114.

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Cisco Citizenship Report Online Now

The fiscal 2007 Cisco Citizenship Report is now live on This report, the third, chronicles the many ways in which Cisco’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) actions are aligned with our business strategy and support our long-term sustainability. CSR is a core Cisco value. We believe our social investments contribute to our long-term value as a business while also helping to build a stronger, healthier global community. This community, in turn, supports and sustains the markets within which our business can thrive.Cisco CSR Report 2007.bmpIf this sounds like a commercial, you don’t have to believe me…check out the report for yourself and see all the great stuff our company is doing and supporting. See the full report online here…you can also see our 2005 and 2006 Citizenship Reports.