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Chip Freund, Verizon Business @ Networkers at Cisco Live!

              Duration: 3 min. 2 sec.Chip Freund, Director of Managed Services Product Marketing for Verizon Business, discusses drivers for growth in the sector from Networkers at Cisco Live!

TIBCO on the Significance of Cisco’s Data Center 3.0 Annoucement

              Duration: 3 min. 26 sec.Rob Meyer, of product marketing at TIBCO, discusses the significance of Cisco’s data center 3.0 announcement and how TIBCO and Cisco are working together to make the”Network the Platform”.

Cisco talks with James Simkins on the beneficial impacts of IP convergence

              Duration: 3 min. 47 sec.James Simkins, Executive Vice President of MTM Luxury Lodgings, discusses the beneficial impacts of IP convergence on the hospitality industry from Networkers at Cisco Live!

Cisco Unveils Plans to Transform the Data Center

              Duration: 1 min. 48 sec.Jayshree Ullal, Senior Vice President, Data Center, Switching and Security Technology Group, Cisco, discusses the launch of Data Center 3.0 from Networkers at Cisco Live!More information regarding Cisco and its Data Center 3.0 vision can be found on the News@Cisco website.

Peggy Abadie Discusses How Technology is Transforming the Classroom Experience

              Duration: 2 min. 32 sec.Peggy Abadie, Executive Director of IT for the New Orleans Public School District, explains how IT and IP will help her and her staff address major challenges for their students and themselves in the coming year. (From Networkers at Cisco Live!)