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Happy Fiscal New Year, Cisco and Happy Birthday, Jerry

Cisco’s FY08 began on Monday, so, for us, 2007 is already behind us. As I LOVE end of year lists, it seems like a great and appropriate time to review FY07 Cisco blogs on Jerry Garcia’s birthday…not from a “what a long strange trip it’s been” point of view, but from a typical Cisco “If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight.”Jerry.jpgIMHO, the top Cisco blog entries from FY07 (and, yes, some of them are mine, but, hey, I’m making the list):August 2006 – “Crossing Health Care Language BarriersSeptember 2006 – “Remembering Important Things In Life.”October 2006 – “Time to Review Merger Reviews” and “How Can You Tell If a Lawyer is Lying.” Read More »

Will the Linksys brand become Cisco?

There have been some questions lately about whether the Linksys brand would be folded into the Cisco brand. Here is our response: “Linksys consumer and SMB products will continue to be marketed under the Linksys brand and co-exist in the market with Cisco branded connected home products over the near term. We will continue to examine our branding strategy going forward (as we have to date) and make changes if and when these changes add value to our customers’ decision making processes and our channel partners.”

How InTouch Health uses RP7 to Communicate With and Treat Patients

              Duration: 2 min. 49 sec.Yulun Wang, Ph D., Chairman and CEO of InTouch Health, and Frank Grant, Director of healthcare sales for Cisco, present and discuss the InTouch RP7 Remote Presence System from Netwokers at Cisco Live! The system allows doctors to visit and treat their patients remotely, using the highly advanced RP7 and enabled by Cisco networks.

John Chambers’ Private Press Conference at Networkers at Cisco Live!

              Duration: 2 min. 32 sec.OK! You asked for it, so now we are really getting behind the scenes, with a seat at a private press conference John Chambers held Tuesday with about 15 members of the global press in a small conference room here at Networkers at Cisco Live!This really has the blogging feel too, as I was in the back of the room with a lousy mic, the AC was blasting, and I was watching the exchange (with cam) like a spectator at a tennis match. Unscripted, largely unedited (I did edit out the questions themselves and the attending press, as I did not have their permission to film them), but I have added caption slides throughout that explain what the subject is. I’ve cut it into eight parts and am posting seven (in true newbie blogging style I screwed up part 3). Part 1 begins with John discussing Cisco’s changing role in the data center, how the same principles will apply to the home, and where he sees the security market and Cisco’s place in it. Turn UP the volume (and maybe get some headphones) and enjoy! (To see all segments, click the Read More link below.) Read More »

Networkers at Cisco Live! Arrives in the Virtual World of Second Life!

Cisco is featuring two live events in Second Life today: Join us from 10-11 AM PT for a live Data Center roundtable with Peter Linkin, Manager, Data Center Solutions (Cisco avatar PeterL CiscoSystems). From 12-1 PM PT, Chuck Fishman: Manager, Media and Entertainment (Cisco avatar ChuckF CiscoSystems), will host a live Q&A about The Digital Revolution and the Empowered Consumer panel. To participate, please visit Cisco Systems SIM1 Stage 1.Networkers at Cisco Live.gif