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Video: Cisco CEO at Interop

May 24, 2007 at 12:00 pm PST

The beauty of blogs and the web overall is that crosslinking and sharing of information is just so darn easy. We get the information that we want PUSHED to us, rather than having to scan actual, physical, ink-stained papers. We don’t get ink on our hands, therefore we don’t need to wash our hands as much. We waste less water, we put less soap into the environment. RSS and feeders, therefore save the environment!!! Productivity, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ensues. Everyone wins.With that in mind, I would like to draw your attention to some videos posted by ZDNet’s Between the Lines blog from Interop. This is Dan Farber’s and Larry Dignan’s blog (also featuring David Berlind) and is a must read for those of us in the technology space. Read More »

Unified Communications: Open and Interoperable to Increase Customer Benefits

At Network + Interop this week, we are showing our full portfolio of open, network-based unified communications solutions and highlighting interoperability with a number of industry vendors, including Microsoft. Cisco believes that most customers will want a heterogeneous and unified workspace environment -one that includes Macintosh, Linux and PC users, IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook users, wired and wireless users -and even users without desktop or mobile devices at all. Cisco also believes that customers will want to unify a range of enterprise environments such as Oracle, SAP, IBM and, and Microsoft ERP/CRM applications. Read More »

The Internet is not a medium, it is a language

Yesterday was a busy day for us in Cannes. First we held the Cisco panel in the American Pavilion (more below), then we watched the red carpet procession from an overlooking apartment (video below), and finished off the day with a screening of the new U2 3D movie.If you have bad memories of”3D” movies with red and green glasses, U2 3D will convince you 3D is the only way to see movies within the first two minutes. Even if you’re not a U2 fan, I recommend seeing this for it’s innovative technology.Now, to the panel- Read More »

Balance of Trade

The French have given us so much culturally: Brigitte Bardot, Roquefort cheese, Chanel, the bikini…In exchange, we’ve given them The Simpsons Movie. Some would argue that we’re even. (Picture from outside the Carlton Hotel on Blvd de la Croissette, Cannes, fr.)Later today Cisco will be hosting a panel at the American Pavilion on how technology is changing the art and business of entertainment. More updates from that later today.cannes.bmp

60 Years of Festivals Meets 60 Years of Independence

The Cannes Film Festival is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Halfway around the world, India is celebrating 60 years of independence. Put the two anniversaries together, and you have the reason behind India’s selection as the country of focus for the opening weekend of the film festival. Over the course of the next three days there will be special screenings of Indian produced films, as well as a various celebrations and panel discussions at the Indian Pavilion. Cisco was a proud sponsor of the India: From A to Z celebration last night on the Majestic Hotel beach.