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Networkers Video Blog – Rena Hu, HP

              Duration: 4 min. 12 sec.Networkers at Cisco Live! Video Blog with Rena Hu of HP on why she attends the show and what HP and Cisco are doing to further IP convergence.

Cisco, Duke University and Apple’s iPhone

In early July, Duke University began seeing portions of its wireless network reset and come back online 10-15 minutes later. After a preliminary investigation from Duke’s IT staff, it was determined that Apple iPhones were likely involved with Cisco wireless access points relating to Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests. Duke reached out to Cisco and Apple for assistance to help find the root cause and to determine how to mitigate this issue. The specific issue occurs in certain environments when Cisco equipment incorrectly processes ARP frames sent by the iPhone. Because this issue has the potential to cause a denial-of-service (DoS) response from the network, Cisco has prepared a security advisory for its customers and partners. Because there have been numerous reports in both tech and business media, Cisco felt the need to set the record straight. This was done because the majority of coverage to date has been centered on Apple and Duke. Read More »

Networkers at Cisco Live! – Video Blog Intro

              Duration: 0 min. 26 sec.Networkers at Cisco Live! Video Blog introduction with Christie Miranda of Cisco Public Relations in Anaheim, California.

Networkers at Cisco Live For the First Timer

Post by Chris Beveridge, Senior Manager, Technical MarketingThis morning I had the honor and privilege of being on the interview panel for Networkers at Cisco Live Orientation, and as I was commenting to the audience I was reminded of how powerful my first impressions were of Networkers 11 years ago when I was a “newbie.” I am always struck by the sheer size and spectacle of this event, especially this year as we roll out so many new and different elements. Networkers at Cisco Live.gifMy impression from the start of my experience with Networkers has been how much of a “melting pot” this event always becomes — people not only meet and learn from Cisco, they meet and learn from (and make new friends of) their peers at other companies. Even better, I ALWAYS learn from the customers at Networkers, and look forward to new perspectives, challenges, off-the-wall comments, new ways of thinking about problems, etc. — it’s all here — and for me the buzz centers around this incredible group of customers and the discussions we get into every year. Read More »

The Platform: The Official Cisco Blog

Just as the Internet is here to stay, it seems that blogging is as well. As such, to make it the “official” corporate blog, we have renamed our News@Cisco Notes blog: The Platform. To me, blogging is kind of like standing up on a soapbox and speaking your mind in the town square…people can listen and engage with you or simply keep walking and ignore you. A person’s or company’s platform is much the same. And, as the network more and more becomes the platform for all communications, it made sense to name the “official Cisco blog,” The Platform.We’ve been blogging at Cisco for nearly two and half years and have certainly learned a lot about the blogosphere since…and, of course, there is much more to learn. We will be rolling out some new blogs in the coming weeks and months on various and sundry subjects that interest us, but The Platform, this blog, will remain the official corporate blog, so put it in your RSS feeder, subscribe to it if you have an aversion to RSS and let us know your thoughts on what you’d like to see blogged about. And, thank you for your continued interest.