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Cisco: Fortune “Most Admired Company” for 8 Straight Years

April 5, 2007 at 12:00 pm PST

For the eighth straight year, Cisco has been named to Fortune’s Most Admired Companies list. We are also the #1 Most Admired in the Network Communications category. While I don’t like to take any credit when it is not due to me, I joined the company 8 years ago and we’ve been on the list ever since. Coincidence? Next time I talk to Fortune Managing Editor Andy Serwer, I’ll ask him. : )fortune_logo_lg.gifWe are also honored to have been named one of Fortune’s Top 10 “Blue Ribbon Companies.” It means were were on the most Fortune, Business 2.0 and Fortune Small Business lists -- including the FORTUNE 500, Fastest-Growing and Best Companies to Work For. That sounds like a really great group to be in and it sounds like those companies might be good to work for. Here are Cisco’s listings. The other 9 companies on the list are Microsoft, Intel, Motorola, Eli Lilly, Apple, Amgen, Exxon-Mobil, Wal-Mart, and Conoco-Phillips. Read More »

To Russia, With Love

So here’s a challenge. Go walk around downtown Silicon Valley, pick up a rock and throw it. I challenge you NOT to hit someone who has some sort of elaborate China or India investment strategy. It can’t be done. These days you need a sharp China or India strategy or else you’re just not with it.We’re pretty with it at Cisco and we’ve also got a pretty good corporate venture strategy for those two countries. But we don’t stay focused only on one place, if you’re going to catch market transitions, you need to start putting money to work in places where other people haven’t. So let me throw this place out for your consideration: Russia.Sure, its one of the famed”BRICs” so its not like no one has given it a thought before. But how many VCs or corporate VCs do you see putting together a really thoughtful approach to capitalizing on the emerging innovation economy happening there. Read More »

VIDEO: Cisco CFO Dennis Powell on Maximizing Shareholder Value

April 3, 2007 at 12:00 pm PST

Video, video, video. Cisco loves video. Telepresence is an example of our video focus, as is our acquisition of WebEx. More and more we also use video as a way to communicate. Video helps visual learners as well as makes collaboration easier. Please see a recent video presentation from our SVP and CFO, Dennis Powell, talking about maximizing shareholder value. He talks about profitable growth, decision making, financial health, and integrity and transparency. I think it is an interesting and useful presentation, but if nothing else, please check out the format for this presentation and see if you find it useful in learning about Cisco and our approach to our company’s management. This presentation and other executive perspectives are produced out of our Executive Thought Leadership group.

Financial Times: “Cisco has Best Website for Customers and Media”

March 29, 2007 at 12:00 pm PST

The Financial Times Digital Business today published its survey on corporate web sites. Cisco’s online pressroom was listed #1 for serving media and our homepage was #1 for serving customers. From being a member of the corporate communications team, I’m obviously very happy that my colleagues on the News@Cisco team got the recognition for News@Cisco, however from a Cisco shareholder perspective I’m very pleased that we are #1 for serving customers.FT Graphic.gifThe survey was conducted by Bowen Craggs, a corporate website advisory firm that benchmarks company websites. Companies included in the Index are taken from the 2006 FT Global 500, ranked by market capitalization…or “capitalisation” if you are the FT. Read More »

Sorry, No Internet Today

March 29, 2007 at 12:00 pm PST

There is a national turn off your TV week. There is a national walk/bike to work day (Friday, May 18th for those keeping score at home). There are all kinds of national days or months to promote “heart health” or “read a book” etc. However, there is no “Internet free” day. Why? Because it would be impossible.sorry-no-internet-today-1.jpgThe internet is now the platform for all of life’s experiences. We bank online. We communicate through IP voice, data and video. The internet is now mobile. Our financial markets are managed and operated online. Our news is gathered and produced online. We game online. We book travel online. We collaborate online. At this point, certainly from a work standpont, we couldn’t do our jobs without utilizing the Internet. Read More »