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Wag More, Bark Less

I was taking my 8-month old son for a walk the other day and saw a bumper sticker that said “Wag More, Bark Less.” This is a good philosophy and I think, in large degree, we practice this at Cisco. For us, the customer is always right and we know we don’t exist without them.The next day, a big piece on Cisco was published by Fortune magazine, written by former managing editor Rik Kirkland. The sub-head states, “Cisco fell hard, went through a wrenching period of reinvention, and is now stronger than it has ever been.” It is a good piece and worth the read and definitely made me want to wag more than bark, if you will. Read More »

Video: Cisco SVP Marthin De Beer on Cisco I-Prize

Cisco SVP of Emerging Technologies, Marthin De Beer, discusses Cisco I-Prize, which was announced today in conjunction with the opening of Cisco’s Globalisation Centre East in Bangalore, India.In the following video Marthin explains Cisco I-Prize, how ideas are evaluated, what’s in it for Cisco and offers advice for those participating.For more info on Cisco I-Prize, see

Video: Cisco and Wipro Form Strategic Alliance

Cisco and Wipro announced a strategic alliance yesterday in which they will jointly develop and deliver information technology (IT) service solutions to help both companies meet their customers’ needs, particularly in fast-growing markets around the world. In the following video, VP of Strategic Alliances, Steve Steinhilber, discusses the alliance by anwering these questions:1. What does the alliance with Wipro mean to Cisco, Wipro and customers? 2. Why an alliance with Wipro in India?3. What makes an alliance strategic?

Cisco’s New Managed Services Channel Program

Post by Edison Peres, Vice President, Worldwide ChannelsIt is not hard to see that the managed services space is HOT. Customers are seeing the benefit of buying technology as a service, proven by the fact that the managed services market continues to outpace IT industry growth. I recently read a report from Ovum Research which forecasts managed services to grow at approximately 20% CAGR and reach US$7B in revenue by 2009. Advanced technologies such as managed IP telephony and security show the most momentum with 65% and 28% growth, respectively. This growth presents a phenomenal opportunity for Cisco and its partners, and I am proud to announce the availability of the new Managed Services Channel Program. Think of this new program as a framework designed to accelerate the development and delivery of managed services through Cisco partners. This program marks a major step towards the development of the IT industry’s first offer-based channel strategy. To learn more about the program, please visit our Managed Services webpage.In this video, Tom Williams, Director, Managed Services Channel Program, talks a bit about managed services, SLAs, and why managed services are beneficial to our customers.

Video: Cisco Globalisation Centre Unveiled in Bangalore

Cisco unveiled its state-of-the art Globalisation Centre East campus in Bangalore today at an opening ceremony.The new facility aims to support attracting and retaining talent, with amenities such as sports facilities including fitness center, cricket practice pitch, multi-cuisine cafeteria, an open amphitheatre, library and a coordinated landscape to help the employee population work, live, play and learn.In the following video, Cisco’s Chief Globalisation Officer discusses Cisco’s strategy answering:1. What strategic factors led to the creation and investment of the Globalisation Centre in India?2. What new business models will be emerging in the East?3. How will you be measuring your success over the next three years?