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Video: Cisco Globalisation Centre Unveiled in Bangalore

Cisco unveiled its state-of-the art Globalisation Centre East campus in Bangalore today at an opening ceremony.The new facility aims to support attracting and retaining talent, with amenities such as sports facilities including fitness center, cricket practice pitch, multi-cuisine cafeteria, an open amphitheatre, library and a coordinated landscape to help the employee population work, live, play and learn.In the following video, Cisco’s Chief Globalisation Officer discusses Cisco’s strategy answering:1. What strategic factors led to the creation and investment of the Globalisation Centre in India?2. What new business models will be emerging in the East?3. How will you be measuring your success over the next three years?

Video: Cisco Executive Food Sort at Second Harvest Food Bank

Yesterday, a group of Cisco executives and employees participated in an annual food sort at Second Harvest Food bank in San Jose, California. See the video below and hear executives and employees discuss the importance of giving back and what makes it so fun to do.

Video: Cisco to Acquire Navini Networks

Today Cisco announced the definitive agreement to purchase Navini Networks, a pioneer and a leader in the the Mobile WiMAX 802.16e-2005 broadband wireless industry. The acquisition of Navini will expand Cisco’s market-leading WiFi and WiFi-Mesh portfolios and expand Cisco’s “Connected Life” vision to deliver any service to any device over any network. Cisco also expects that WiMAX technologies will play a key role in Cisco’s”Digital Inclusion” initiative that will drive broadband penetration to consumers and business in emerging countries. This has the potential to add millions of new Internet users who cannot be reached economically because of the lack of copper and fiber infrastructures in those countries. In this video, Ned Hooper, senior vice president of Cisco’s Corporate Business Development, discusses the reasons Cisco acquired Navini and how this deal fits into Cisco’s acquisition and innovation strategies.

The Power of Social Networking

Post by Dan Scheinman, SVP and GM, Media Solutions GroupJust a quick note to demonstrate the power of social networking: Shortly after giving my talk at the Web 2.0 Summit, I had this note waiting for me on NHL Connect, one of the social networking sites I’m active in, and a partner running an early version of the Community component of our Eos platform: “I was in the audience for your high order bit at Web 2.0. You asked audience members to email you or find you on and I discovered that it’s easier to join and contact you here than to find an email address through the Cisco site. :-)”Imagine when social networking is packaged with video content all the way to your TV! If you haven’t had the chance, check out

Web 2.0, Entertainment and the Network

Most people today know the role the network plays in the distributing and connecting people to information and entertainment. But what’s Cisco’s role in the”networkification of stuff” happening in the Web 2.0 movement?That’s the question Dan Scheinman, SVP and GM of the Cisco Media Solutions Group, addressed today in his Higher Order Bits talk at the Web 2.0 Summit. (And in the process answering the #1 question we got in the hallways: “Cisco at Web 2.0?”)Think about it: the digitization of content and access to broadband is revolutionizing how people choose to be entertained. As a result of this technical revolution, the entertainment business is evolving. Yes, Cisco is already part of this revolution with its heritage in core networking, and by connecting many consumers to entertainment through either a Linksys home router or to their flat-screen TV through a Scientific Atlanta set-top box. But the network is more than a fire-hose of content. The network can ultimately provide a Web 2.0esque entertainment experience by bridging the gap between consumers and content owners. Read More »