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VIDEO: Take a Tour of Cisco’s Green “Bus of the Future”

The Who sang about the “Magic Bus,” and while the bus unveiled yesterday in San Francisco at Cisco’s Connected Urban Development conference isn’t magic, the San Francisco Chronicle called it “the bus of the future.”The bus is a joint project between the city of San Francisco (where we got our name!) and Cisco. The bus is a hybrid (look at all the batteries on top of the bus) and the technology and “green” goal is to provide wireless internet access (Cisco equipment, of course) and other services on the bus to increase ridership. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is quoted in the Chronicle article saying, “This is a smart bus in every way, shape and form. You can download music, you can play video games. It’s a bus where you are connected. It’s constantly generating information about your connection to the rest of the Muni system.”So, we invite you to take a technology tour of the bus with Cisco’s Dave Evans (Chief Technologist of our Internet Business Solutions Group) and also hear from Muni driver Johnny Mathis (yes, that’s his real name) about why he thinks riders will like this bus.

VIDEO: Cisco’s Jeff Platon at the NBA All Star Game

Jeff Platon, vice president of marketing, Cisco Sports and Entertainment Group, talks to Cisco’s Molly Ford at the NBA All-Star Game and answers the following questions:1. Explain Cisco and the NBA’s relationship. 2. Give us an overview of Cisco’s Connected Sports program.3. What is Cisco’s role at the NBA All Star game? Can you explain Cisco’s product integration?

VIDEO: Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban at NBA All Star Game 2008

Not to be confused with the other big news out of another famous Cuban today, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban talks to Cisco’s Molly Ford at the NBA All Star Game in New Orleans. In his inimitable way, he waxes poetic about the Mavericks use of technology, Led Zeppelin, the one-hit wonders of “viral video,” technology media including PCWorld, Cisco equipment, and much more. If you haven’t checked out his blog, on topics varying from who should be the next president of the US to his thoughts on YHOO/MSFT, please check out for some interference with the sound during Cuban’s last answer…you can still hear his answers, but it seems there was a mobile phone nearby during the taping.

VIDEO: Cisco’s Alan Cohen at the 2008 NBA All-Star Game

My colleague Molly Ford traveled to sultry New Orleans, LA for the NBA All-Star Game this past weekend and captured some great interviews with Cisco’s Alan Cohen and Jeff Platon; Steve Hellmuth, Senior Vice President, Operations and Technology NBA Entertainment; and, last, but not least, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Chairman of HDNet, an HDTV cable network, and active blogger.Each of them discusses their views on the use of technology in sports and how “anytime, anywhere” access to content is literally changing the game of sports.In this video, Alan Cohen, Cisco’s peripatetic VP of Enterprise and Mid-Market Solutions Marketing, talks about Cisco’s role at the NBA All-Star game and how he sees the evolution of technology in sports. He, as others, also highlights the NBA’s embrace of technology by touching on Toronto Raptor star Chris Bosh’s YouTube “campaign” video for the All-Star game among other uses of social media.

VIDEO: NBA’s Steve Hellmuth at 2008 All-Star Game

Cisco’s Molly Ford interviews Steve Hellmuth, Senior Vice President, Operations and Technology NBA Entertainment. Hellmuth discusses his views on the use of technology in the NBA and how they look at “fantasy sports,” China, Cisco TelePresence and Digital Signage, and the future of entertainment. He also talks about Chris Bosh’s videos, Baron Davis’ movie reviews and Gilbert Arenas’ blog.