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CNET: “Good for business, good for society?”

In an Q&A with CNET’s Maggie Reardon, John Chambers, Chairman and CEO of Cisco, talks about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and why he finds CSR efforts so important. Reardon begins her piece: “Corporate social responsibility has become a buzzword as multinational companies focus not only on increasing their bottom lines, but also on issues of social importance, such as education, health and combating poverty. Cisco Systems’ CEO John Chambers is at the forefront of these efforts. Earlier this month, he was one of four recipients honored with the Inaugural Clinton Global Citizen Award.”Read the full Q&A here.More on the Clinton Global Citizen Award recipients here.

VIDEO: Tae Yoo, Cisco SVP on Networking Academy 10-Year Anniversary

Tae Yoo, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, talks about Cisco’s Networking Academies as we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the program. The Networking Academy, the cornerstone of Cisco’s focus on promoting technical training and economic opportunity, represents a $300 million commitment to education since it inception. More information about the Cisco Networking Academy Program.Tae answers the following questions:1. How did the Networking Academy start?2. Who are the major stakeholders?3. What is one of the biggest success stories of the program?4. What is on the horizon for the next 10 years of the program?

VIDEO: Cisco CEO John Chambers on 10-year Anniversary of Networking Academies

One of Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers’ passions is education. The Cisco Networking Academy program is part of what he calls Cisco’s “do well by doing good” efforts. Corporate Social Responsibility is core to Cisco as it is important to the communities in which we live, important to our customers, important to our shareholders, and important to our employees. The Networking Academy program is celebrating its 10th anniversary and after over $300 million in investment, we thought it appropriate to ask our CEO about its past, its future and its impact on global workforce development.In this video, he answers the following questions:1. What are you most proud of as we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Cisco Networking Academy program?2. What is next for the Netwoking Academy program?3. What is the second phase of the Internet?4. How critical are public/private partnerships in driving global workforce development?

Cisco and NHL Sharks Honor San Jose, CA Education

Post by Sandra Wheatley, Senior Manager, Public RelationsJoe Pinto, Cisco SVP and Patrick Marleau of the San Jose Sharks joined other Silicon Valley concerned citizens at a”Spirit of Santa Clara Valley” breakfast this morning, hosted by San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce. Cisco was among a number of sponsors that honored three education organizations. The honorees were National Hispanic University, Downtown College Prep and Silicon Valley Reads. All three organizations are focused on making education a priority for youth in the community. National Hispanic University enables Hispanics and other minorities to acquire an undergraduate degree or certificate using a multicultural education experience to obtain a professional career in business, education or technology. Downtown College Prep (DCP) prepares underachieving students who will be the first in their families to go to college to thrive at four-year universities. Since 2004, DCP has graduated 173 students and 85% are on track to earn a four-year degree. Silicon Valley Reads promotes reading and literacy. Each February, public events are scheduled throughout the month to spark discussion of the themes of selected books.Joe Pinto Patrick Marleau - Oct 2007Joe Pinto (l) and Patrick Marleau (r)

Working Mother Magazine: Cisco Top Place For Working Mothers

We were all happy to hear that Working Mother magazine named Cisco as one of the Top 100 employers for working mothers. Cisco prides itself on taking care of its employees and taking care of new moms, “experienced” moms and moms in between is important not only to the moms at Cisco, but the dads, the cousins, the uncles, the aunts, the brothers, the sisters, the grandparents, the friends…and more. After all, all of our extended Cisco families care about those little kids and big kids at Cisco. You can view a bit of what Working Mother recognized us for here.With this recognition, we thought it would be good to film some working mothers at Cisco talking about what it’s like to work at Cisco. Please watch these four moms talk about work/life balance, Cisco day care, mother’s lounges, and more.