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Financial Times: “Cisco has Best Website for Customers and Media”

March 29, 2007 at 12:00 pm PST

The Financial Times Digital Business today published its survey on corporate web sites. Cisco’s online pressroom was listed #1 for serving media and our homepage was #1 for serving customers. From being a member of the corporate communications team, I’m obviously very happy that my colleagues on the News@Cisco team got the recognition for News@Cisco, however from a Cisco shareholder perspective I’m very pleased that we are #1 for serving customers.FT Graphic.gifThe survey was conducted by Bowen Craggs, a corporate website advisory firm that benchmarks company websites. Companies included in the Index are taken from the 2006 FT Global 500, ranked by market capitalization…or “capitalisation” if you are the FT. Read More »

Sorry, No Internet Today

March 29, 2007 at 12:00 pm PST

There is a national turn off your TV week. There is a national walk/bike to work day (Friday, May 18th for those keeping score at home). There are all kinds of national days or months to promote “heart health” or “read a book” etc. However, there is no “Internet free” day. Why? Because it would be impossible.sorry-no-internet-today-1.jpgThe internet is now the platform for all of life’s experiences. We bank online. We communicate through IP voice, data and video. The internet is now mobile. Our financial markets are managed and operated online. Our news is gathered and produced online. We game online. We book travel online. We collaborate online. At this point, certainly from a work standpont, we couldn’t do our jobs without utilizing the Internet. Read More »

Holographic Visits to the Workplace

March 26, 2007 at 12:00 pm PST

My seven-week old son, Jack, is scheduled to visit me at work today. I’m excited to show him off and I know he’s excited to see where his dear ol’ dad works. It made me think, however, if this time-honored tradition of the kid visiting the parents workplace will still be with us when Jack has kids. With technology advancing like it is…video, chips, broadband, storage, etc….will Jack even have a physical office…or will his office be virtual using holographics?Jack Earnhardt - one month old.jpgJack Earnhardt -- one month oldI’m personally very skeptical of “Second Life.” And, yes, to a degree, I mock what I don’t understand. However, I do think that at some point in the future, the virtual world will be as useful and important to the workplace as the real world. Will Jack’s kids visit him in a physical workplace where he joins with colleagues to collaborate? Or, will his office only exist in a virtual world where the holographic Jack brings his holographic kid to visit his holographic colleagues? I’m thinking that this isn’t too far off from what it may be like. Read More »

“Wired” Magazine: Most Innovative Companies

March 26, 2007 at 12:00 pm PST

So, I did my best sour-grapes impression when I lamented the fact that nobody from Cisco was on PC World’s “Most Important People on the Web” but that Perez Hilton and others, in the eyes of PC World, are more important than anybody at Cisco. wiredmag_logo.gifWired magazine this month came out with their 10th Annual Top 40 Most Innovative Companies in the World and Cisco, naturally, is on the list. We are #8 (up from #12 last year) and while I may disagree, of course, with the fact that we are not #1…not everybody can be the #1 on every list. They write: “As the petabits surge, Cisco keeps outflanking cut-rate competitors and surfing the flood of online video. VoIP gear and set-top boxes contribute to ’90s-style earnings growth. Now CEO John Chambers hopes to sell the world on wall-size, hi-def telepresence.” For more on TelePresence, see my previous blog entry…or see here.

Blogging and the Media Capital of the World

March 21, 2007 at 12:00 pm PST

NEW YORK, NY -- I’m in New York this week having some very interesting meetings with some very interesting media outlets. Many of the conversations I have had over the past two days with some of the leading business, wire and consumer outlets have included the topic of blogs. On the topic of blogs, I’m generally not into navel gazing, but when some of the most influential publications in the U.S. (and, arguably the world) ask you about blogs or talk about their online or blogging efforts as much as their off-line efforts, then you know that blogs are having an impact on “the conversation.” Read More »