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The Internet is not a medium, it is a language

Yesterday was a busy day for us in Cannes. First we held the Cisco panel in the American Pavilion (more below), then we watched the red carpet procession from an overlooking apartment (video below), and finished off the day with a screening of the new U2 3D movie.If you have bad memories of”3D” movies with red and green glasses, U2 3D will convince you 3D is the only way to see movies within the first two minutes. Even if you’re not a U2 fan, I recommend seeing this for it’s innovative technology.Now, to the panel- Read More »

Balance of Trade

The French have given us so much culturally: Brigitte Bardot, Roquefort cheese, Chanel, the bikini…In exchange, we’ve given them The Simpsons Movie. Some would argue that we’re even. (Picture from outside the Carlton Hotel on Blvd de la Croissette, Cannes, fr.)Later today Cisco will be hosting a panel at the American Pavilion on how technology is changing the art and business of entertainment. More updates from that later today.cannes.bmp

60 Years of Festivals Meets 60 Years of Independence

The Cannes Film Festival is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Halfway around the world, India is celebrating 60 years of independence. Put the two anniversaries together, and you have the reason behind India’s selection as the country of focus for the opening weekend of the film festival. Over the course of the next three days there will be special screenings of Indian produced films, as well as a various celebrations and panel discussions at the Indian Pavilion. Cisco was a proud sponsor of the India: From A to Z celebration last night on the Majestic Hotel beach.

Intersection of Art and Science: the Future of Entertainment

I have to admit, it’s the trip of a lifetime: for the next week I’ll be with the Cisco team at the Cannes Film Festival.In its 60th year, the Cannes Film Festival has a long history of looking at the future of film and how the industry is evolving. And that brings me to why Cisco is at Cannes (only the second most frequently asked question behind”can I come with you?”). Read More »

“The Envelope, Please?” Cisco and mtvU Announce Digital Incubator Grants

May 14, 2007 at 12:00 pm PST

Question: If you are a big networking company in Silicon Valley and your focus is more on VoIP, collaborative tools and security, etc. how do you create new media mash-ups, combining elements of social networking, mobile or”big” games, online interactivity, affinity-based websites and short-form broadband programming?Answer: You partner with mtvU and give grants to college students to tap into their creativity and brilliance. Together, you create the Digital Incubator program.mtvU Cisco Logo.JPGThe Digital Incubator program, now in its second year, was developed jointly by mtvU and Cisco to discover talented college students to create new media and entertainment concepts. Together, we provide the monetary, creative and technical resources for students to bring their digital media ideas into reality-as well as a national platform for the finished products to be showcased. We want to encourage the next generation of talent to experiment with new forms of story telling made possible because of video and broadband coming together and mtvU reaches a college audience that is consuming media in new and exciting ways. mtvU and Cisco are happy to announce our 2007 grant awards. Read More »