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A Japanese Perspective on the Cisco Worldwide Partner Summit

Mandy Knotts, of Cisco PR, speaks with Hidetaka Tak Kai, President and General Manager of Datacraft Japan. Hidetaka Tak Kai talks about the unified communications opportunity in Japan and the widely talked about IT talent issue.Post by Mandy Knotts

Video’s Campus Communications Fabric: Best Supporting Actor?

“If you build a fast engine- [y]ou first of all need a script that’s written in the express lane, and if it’s not, there’s nothing you can do in the editing room to make it move faster. You need room for character, you need room for relationships, for personal conflict, you need room for comedy, but that all has to happen on a moving sidewalk.”

-Steven Spielberg on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullWherever you turn in our industry these days, people are talking about the speed of business and globalization, about mash-ups and ecosystems. And whenever people talk about business communications to support this evolution, they are discussing the role and importance of video. As we showed at the VoiceCon EcoPanel with Al Gore, John Chambers and Sue Bostrom in three different cities, the compelling experience high quality video communications offers not only changes how people interact, it changes business processes themselves, allowing for integration across companies, across cultures, and across continents real time or in the moment. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the Net Present Value (NPV) of video? Read More »

CIO Perspectives: Esat Sezer, Coca Cola Enterprises

Cisco Partner Summit 2008: Insights from the recipient of Cisco’s 4 millionth Integrated Services Router (ISR)Four million and counting. That’s how many Integrated Services Routers (ISR) Cisco has shipped. The customer who received number 4,000,000? Coca Cola Enterprises, a $20 billion bottling company that operates in eight countries and boasts 30,000 knowledge workers working in and around 440 different locations. In this interview with Cisco editor@large T.C. Doyle, CIO Esat Sezer discusses the challenges his company faces and the network priorities he established. One of his key objectives: going green. No doubt his new, custom red-colored Cisco ISR will fit right into his network upgrade plans.Post by T.C. Doyle

Cisco Partners Sound Off: 5 from Emerging Markets

Five partners from Cisco’s Emerging Markets Theater discuss a talent shortage, vertical market moves, top opportunities and other topics in this Q&A video.A talent shortage. Vertical markets. Business differentiation. Value-added selling. These are some of the topics on Cisco business partners’ minds these days. In this Q&A video, Cisco’s editor@large T.C. Doyle interviews five partners from Cisco’s Emerging Markets Theater to better understand their top issues. For insights on what’s top of mind for business partners today, be sure to see this video.

Cisco Worldwide Partner Summit: Interview with Inbar Lasser-Raab

Mandy Knotts of Cisco PR speaks with Inbar Lasser-Raab, Senior Director, Network Systems at the Cisco Worldwide Partner Summit. Inbar provides a glimpse into Thursday morning’s press event with Coca-Cola Enterprises and how Cisco Integrated Service Routers are changing how we view routing as a technology.