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Laura Ipsen, Eco-Board Co-Chair, Talks Earth Day and Green

In this video, on a sunny California day, Laura Ipsen, Cisco’s SVP of Global Policy and Government Affairs and co-chair of our Eco-Board, talks a bit about what we’re doing for Earth Day as well as Cisco’s overall philosophy and approach to green. She answers the following questions:- What is Cisco doing for Earth Day?- What else is Cisco doing green?- How do you personally live green in your family?- What are you doing for “Bike to Work” day tomorrow?

InformationWeek Video: Alan Cohen on Unified Communications

Fritz Nelson of InformationWeek recently posted an interview with our own Alan Cohen, VP of Enterprise & Mid-Market Solutions. They chatted about WebEx, unified communications, presence and more. See the video below or Fritz’ entire post here.

How to Become a Famous Blogger

There are a lot of “how-to” books, manuals, tapes, speakers, etc. A lot of them have a lot of pages or take a while to listen to or watch. Some require you to spend a weekend listening to speakers…heck, you might even mix in a trust-fall or beat a drum or two along the way. This “how to” cartoon from “We blog cartoons“, however, is straight to the point. And, a good way to start your weekend…famous blogger.gifThis, of course, made me remember this Wall Street Journal graphic on high-ranking blogging executives from two years ago.Have a great weekend.

Make Something, Even a Mistake: Advice from Comedian John Cleese

Actor, author and comedian John Cleese shares his thoughts on risk taking, management style and technology use at the recent annual Partner Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii.Few comedians have left a lasting impression quite like British actor John Cleese. From Monty Python to Fawlty Towers to James Bond films and the Pink Panther, too, Cleese has acted, written and produced his way into entertainment history. His career spans four decades and keeps going still. Along the way, he’s developed a keen interest in business and management style. Recently he paid a visit to Cisco partners where he spoke in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the 2008 annual Partner Summit. There, he told his audience to be bold and make mistakes. In a wide ranging talk, he discussed philosophy, business acumen and leadership style. In this interview with Cisco’s Mandy Knotts, Cleese shares his insights on these topics and more.Post by Mandy Knotts

A Japanese Perspective on the Cisco Worldwide Partner Summit

Mandy Knotts, of Cisco PR, speaks with Hidetaka Tak Kai, President and General Manager of Datacraft Japan. Hidetaka Tak Kai talks about the unified communications opportunity in Japan and the widely talked about IT talent issue.Post by Mandy Knotts