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VIDEO: Cisco’s Tae Yoo @ Davos

We caught up with Tae Yoo, Cisco’s SVP of Corporate Affairs at the end of the first day of the World Economic Forum at Davos 2008 to get her perspective on the major trends outlined for the conference. We discussed the following questions: 1. The main theme that Klaus Schwab outlined for WEF this year is the ‘Power of Collaborative Innovation.” How does this apply to Cisco’s efforts around corporate social responsibility and its work with disparate organisations? 2. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice alluded to education as a base line for building global security in her opening address to the congress. How closely engaged is Cisco in supporting education initiatives with WEF? 3. Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, highlighted that corporations and countries need to embrace initiatives to address climate change in order to avoid business impact in the future. What role does collaboration have to play in supporting this initiative?Post by Marc Musgrove, Global PR Manager

VIDEO: Cisco’s John Chambers @ WEF

Our Chairman and CEO, John Chambers, is a regular attendee of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. In this video produced for and posted by WEF, he answers the following questions:1. What does the Annual Meeting theme “the Power of Collaborative Innovation” mean to your business?2. In which new ways are people and organizations collaborating? How important is this for effective competition in your industry?3. Do you think we are seeing a significan shift in the way the public and private sectors can collaborate? What are the implications for business?4. In what ways is Cisco using new communications channels, such as blogging and social networking websites to reach internal and external audiences? Have these channels forced you to rethink your communications strategy?More videos from WEF can be viewed here.

Fortune Magazine: Cisco Best Place to Work

Okay, so we’re actually #6 on the Fortune “100 Best Places to Work” list, up from #11 last year. This is, however, our 11th straight year on the list. Which shows our commitment to employees as well as our consistency in the marketplace. Being a great place to work is a bit of a circular argument: we know we couldn’t be a great place to work if we didn’t have customers who want our products. We wouldn’t have great products if we didn’t have great engineers who want to work at a great place…and our innovative products and technology are borne from what our customers want. So, thank you, customers, for making Cisco a great place to work!!!Congratulations to Google for, once again, being named the #1 place to work…as well as to our Silicon Valley neighbors on the list: Genentech (#5), Network Appliance (#14), Adobe (#40), Intuit (#43), Ebay (#68), and Yahoo (#87).

VIDEO: CEO John Chambers at the San Jose Mercury News

We recently took our Chairman and CEO, John Chambers, over to the San Jose Mercury News to talk about a variety of topics and meet the new Executive Editor, Dave Butler, and new publisher, Jeff Kiel. In a very Web 2.0 fashion, they took video of some of the session and it is now posted on their homepage at the video below (requires Adobe Flash), John answers the following questions:1. How will a possible recession affect Cisco?2. Where is Cisco going in the next few years?

Hats off to Google

Today, there is a lot of media coverage on the launch of, their philanthropic arm. Over the next three years, it will spend up to $175 million in its first round of grants and investments. They should be congratulated for putting their money where their heart is. We can certainly sympathize with’s executive director, Dr. Larry Brilliant (who likely would have been hired even if he didn’t have that last name), who says that is has been difficult to choose which charities and non-profits to give to. To help alleviate some of that angst at Cisco, we focused on education, basic needs and economic opportunities early on.In the early days of Cisco, stories are still told about how employees would jump the fence to volunteer at the Costano school next door in East Palo Alto…a school that we are still involved with. We are also very active in volunteering and donations to Second Harvest, the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the US, among many other volunteering and philanthropic activities around the world.So, congratulations to Google for having a good heart. And, if you would like to see what Cisco does on a global basis on education, basic needs and more, please view our Corporate Social Responsibility site.