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What is Your Digital Footprint?

The New York Times BITS blog today wrote about a new study out by IDC that says that at, “281 exabytes, the digital universe in 2007 was 10 percent larger than the firm had projected a year ago. And the world’s assemblage of all things digital will grow at a compound yearly rate of 59 percent through 2011. That adds up to a tenfold jump over five years, to 1,800 exabytes. (Not that there is any real way to visualize it, but an exabyte - a billion gigabytes - is said to be 50,000 times larger than a digitized Library of Congress.)”This, of course, is good news for companies like Cisco that build the infrastructure that transports, virtualizes, globalizes and stores (among other things) this type of (increasingly video) data. Our CEO, John Chambers, wrote a Forbes column last year about the exponential growth of bandwidth needs, storage and the like.And our friends at EMC have posted the IDC report along with a nifty “digital footprint calculator*” on their website that allows you to answer a few questions to show what your digital footprint might be…mine turned out to 7,828 megabytes…and, as I post this, counting…(*Note: you have to download an executable file in order to “play” this game – which, of course adds to your digital footprint…)

Apple iPhone Enterprise-ready with Cisco VPN

Today at Apple’s Headquarters in Cupertino, CA, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs and SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller announced new iPhone software 2.0 which will be released in June 2008 and will incorporate enterprise security features such as Cisco IPsec VPN and email/contact/calendar sync with Microsoft Exchange. This announcement is a testament of the growing trend of people around the world who are becoming more connected and collaborative in every aspect of their lives-including at work. We, of course, are pleased that Apple recognized Cisco’s leadership in enterprise security by incorporating our Cisco VPN technology into their iPhone new software release. While sitting in the audience, I couldn’t help but think that something wonderful was happening-The convergence of devices (iPhone), applications (Microsoft Exchange) and the platform, or network, (Cisco) we’re all working together to transform how we collaborate at work. Can wait to see what comes next!applephoto.jpg(Apple photo of Phil Schiller)You can view the video of the presentation at Apple here. Post by Pamela Ferrill, Cisco PR Manager

Web 2.0 Marketing Campaign for the ASR 1000 Series

Suraj Shetty, senior director of service provider marketing at Cisco discusses the importance of web 2.0 marketing as both a component of the launch and a driver for adoption of the platform itself.

Cisco is Most Admired Company Nine Years In a Row

And the Oscar goes to…Honors are great, but one needs to step back a little bit to see what is behind them. Cisco is listed in Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” list for 2008. This marks the ninth consecutive year that Cisco, ranked 18th, has been named to this prestigious list. Fortune states, “There is no higher praise than the respect of one’s colleagues and competitors.” Indeed. This really is a great honor as we are recognized by peers, but peel back the onion a little bit and what is really being recognized is our employees, our customer service and our innovative technology. Because, hey, what IS a company? Our CEO often says that the most valuable assets of Cisco walk out the door every night: the employees. And this recognition for 9 straight years is really a testament to our assembled team of engineers, salespeople, marketers and, yes, overhead (like me).So, congratulations fellow Cisco employees…as well as the other top companies on the list: 1) Apple; 2) Berkshire Hathaway; 3) General Electric; 4) Google; 5) Toyota; 6) Starbucks; 7) FedEx; 8) Proctor & Gamble; 9) Johnson & Johnson; 10) Goldman Sachs; 11) Target; 12) Southwest Airlines; 13) American Express; 14) BMW; 14) Costco; 16) Microsoft; 17) United Parcel Service; 18) Cisco!!; 19) 3M; 20) Nordstrom.

Strategic Drivers for Development of the Cisco ASR 1000

Stefan Dyckerhoff, VP and GM of the Midrange Routing Business Unit at Cisco discusses the strategic drivers in the service provider and enterprise markets for development of the Cisco ASR 1000 Series.