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New CFO at Cisco

Dennis Powell is passing the Cisco CFO baton to Frank Calderoni. This morning, they jointly opened the NASDAQ stock market and on Friday, February 15th, Calderoni officially assumes the role of Cisco CFO. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both men and while I’m sad to see Dennis go, Frank is a great replacement. I first got to work with Dennis when he was our executive in charge of Y2K operations and planning when I managed the media for that “event.” He is a great guy and, just as his predecessor Larry Carter is missed daily at Cisco, we’ll miss Dennis as well.I’ve now had the opportunity to work with Frank over the past year or so and he is a great successor to Dennis and Larry’s legacy of a strong, transparent, conservative finance organization that focuses on shareholder value. You can read more about Frank and his approach to his new role here. The press release announcing the transition is here.nasdaq - cisco - 12 feb 2008.jpgFrank Calderoni (left) with Dennis Powell (right) at the opening of NASDAQ in New York this morning.Here’s hoping that Dennis will focus on working to lower his golf handicap and that Frank’s skyrockets. : )

Chambers redefines ‘mobility’ at Mobile World Congress

It’s not easy to wow a mobile phone industry audience just after they have heard from the bosses of Vodafone, Nokia and China Mobile. Yet that was the task facing Cisco chief executive John Chambers at this year’s Mobile World Congress opening keynote speech in Barcelona, Spain. Where previous speakers had pointed to the unstoppable progress of the industry so far-with 3 billion subscribers worldwide, mobile is officially the fastest-growing technology innovation in human history-Chambers provided a startling vision of the future.Chambers foresaw a new phase of Internet productivity driven not by business but by consumers; the provision of everything (not just software) as a service; and emerging countries taking the lead in global innovation. Read More »

Cisco Q208 Earnings Report

You’ve likely already seen media coverage of our quarterly earnings report today which was announced after market close yesterday, but I thought I’d point you to our News@Cisco site where you can read a Q&A with our Chairman and CEO John Chambers and CFO Dennis Powell, see our earnings press release, and peruse our quarter technology and customer highlights.Says Chambers in the Q&A, “This quarter was another solid quarter with good balanced results from a product, geographic and customer segment perspective. We achieved total record revenue of approximately $9.8B, a 16.5% year-over-year increase. We are pleased with the growth on both the top and bottom lines.”I would also like to highlight a web video interview that Chambers did with BusinessWeek’s Peter Burrows…we obviously are trying to utilize new ways to talk to our online audience of customers, shareholders and employees.

DVR Alert: Cisco, Amazon and George Foreman

Cisco will be featured this week in The History Channel’s presentation of “Modern Marvels: 90s Tech.” Long-time Cisco employee Dave Evans, chief technologist of Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), will talk about the early days of the Internet and the importance of the router in the development of Web.The show premieres tomorrow, Thursday, February 7, at 8 p.m. EST/PST (please check local listings).The “90s Tech” episode looks back to the end of the 20th century and the beginning of today’s trendy technologies. The program will cover DVDs to TiVO to GPS, and how the digital gadgets we can’t live without all started in the 1990s-and, of course, how Cisco and the router made the Web accessible to the foreman grill.jpgAlso featured will be Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman, who will show how to “knock out the fat” with one of the best-selling cooking appliances of the 1990s…which I enjoy using to make a nice grilled cheese sandwich.You can view some Cisco milestones here.

EXTRA Super Tuesday

Listed are a few reasons why today is an Extra Super Tuesday.1. It is Super Tuesday primary day in the U.S. Presidential elections. It is the biggest primary is U.S. history (I have read.) 23 states are voting today to select the respective party nominees for President. I voted by mail-in ballot already, but if you are in a primary state and you haven’t voted, please do so…”early and often” as they say. If you don’t know where your polling place is, go to your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN,, etc.) and search “polling places (your state here)” and you’ll have a pretty easy chance of finding it.2. Today is a ticker tape parade for the Super Bowl Champions New York Giants. Not expected to win, they pulled off one of the greatest upsets in Super Bowl history by defeating the previously undefeated New England Patriots. Personally, I was pulling for the Giants, but, truth be told, I was more pulling against the Patriots quarterback (he really shouldn’t be posing for Stetson cologne ads, in my mind) and his irascible, hoodie-wearing coach…I’m just not a fan…much to the chagrin of some good friends who are die-hard Pats fans. Great season for both teams and unbelievable two years for the Manning family.3. For me, what makes is an extra super tuesday, is that it is my little guy’s first birthday today. A year ago, Jack was born at 10:36AM, weighing in at 10 pounds, 4 ounces and 21.5 inches long. It has been a great (and tiring) year. He’s a happy, healthy guy and we’re going to keep him.4. And, last and certainly not least, tomorrow we report our Q208 earnings. For more information on how to listen in to our call, please visit our Investor Relations site.