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Drew Clark and

I just got off the phone with Drew Clark, Executive Director of . His group has the very interesting goal of helping consumers learn more about broadband service and speeds offered in their geographic area. Drew is a long-time technology policy reporter in DC who is also currently pursuing his law degree because he has always been interested in law and “it will help me do my job better.” Yep, he’s one of those overachievers. is asking for people to go to their site and enter their broadband information for their respective area to get a better national footprint of broadband offererings. The site states:

“America has a need for better information about broadband. The country needs to know where high-speed Internet service is available and where it isn’t. And that is just the first step. Next, consumers need to know the extent of broadband competition in their local area. They need to know the names of the carriers that offer broadband, the speeds they offer, and the prices they charge. intends to fill this gap. We invite you to help us by taking the Broadband Census.”

I just entered my information and invite you to do the same.

Cisco “Bike to Work” Day 2008

As part of the Earth day celebration, today is bike to work day at Cisco. Blair Christie, SVP, Corporate Communications, and Laura Ipsen, SVP, of Global Policy and Government Affairs and co-chair of the Eco-Board at Cisco, were among the approximately 700 Cisco San Jose employees who biked to work today. Laura and Blair both live in Los Gatos and it was about a 20-mile bike commute to our headquarters in San Jose and took them about an hour and fifteen minutes.Blair (on the left, and in the blue) and Laura (in the Tour de France yellow) talk about dodging cars, doing an eco-friendly 1:1 meeting and reading e-mail on the bike (children: do not attempt this at home, these are trained professionals!) They answered the following questions:How was the commute on the bike?How often do you plan on biking to work in the future?How long was your commute on the bike versus in the car?

Laura Ipsen, Eco-Board Co-Chair, Talks Earth Day and Green

In this video, on a sunny California day, Laura Ipsen, Cisco’s SVP of Global Policy and Government Affairs and co-chair of our Eco-Board, talks a bit about what we’re doing for Earth Day as well as Cisco’s overall philosophy and approach to green. She answers the following questions:- What is Cisco doing for Earth Day?- What else is Cisco doing green?- How do you personally live green in your family?- What are you doing for “Bike to Work” day tomorrow?

InformationWeek Video: Alan Cohen on Unified Communications

Fritz Nelson of InformationWeek recently posted an interview with our own Alan Cohen, VP of Enterprise & Mid-Market Solutions. They chatted about WebEx, unified communications, presence and more. See the video below or Fritz’ entire post here.

How to Become a Famous Blogger

There are a lot of “how-to” books, manuals, tapes, speakers, etc. A lot of them have a lot of pages or take a while to listen to or watch. Some require you to spend a weekend listening to speakers…heck, you might even mix in a trust-fall or beat a drum or two along the way. This “how to” cartoon from “We blog cartoons“, however, is straight to the point. And, a good way to start your weekend…famous blogger.gifThis, of course, made me remember this Wall Street Journal graphic on high-ranking blogging executives from two years ago.Have a great weekend.