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Cisco Perspectives: One CEO’s Insights

Cisco Partner Summit: Insights from John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, CiscoNot all CEOs make an appearance at their company’s annual gathering of business partners. But Cisco CEO John Chambers routinely does. Why? Well, with more than 80 percent of his company’s business flowing through partners annually, Chambers is not one to take business relationships lightly. In this video, he shares his observations on what partners told him was foremost on their minds at this year’s annual partner gathering in Honolulu. In addition, he offers some advice for fellow CEOs trying to navigate a course during tough economic times.Post by T.C. Doyle

Mobility Vlog Series

I invite you to change blog channels for a little bit and turn your attention to our sister Cisco blog on mobility. In the first video in this series, you’ll hear from Ben Gibson, Senior Director of Mobility Solutions, talking about”Mobility and the Converging Networks.” Your’ll learn what Cisco is seeing as IT’s challenge for providing mobility to employees and mobile users as they are connecting to more disparate networks (both wired and wireless). Gibson provides insight on what and how IT should consider when planning, managing and growing a mobility system.Watch this video and if you like what you see, I invite you to RSS your way over to the Mobility blog or subscribe via e-mail alert.

Cisco Partner Summit: Emerging Markets Perspectives

Insights from Paul Mountford, president of Cisco’s Emerging Markets Theater.Three years ago Cisco reorganized its business to better serve fast growing and increasingly influential developing economic powerhouses such as Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Poland. The result: Cisco’s Emerging Markets Theater, a grouping of more than 130 countries that includes more than 2 billion people and a sizable chunk of the world’s GDP. In this segment, Theater president Paul Mountford provides a progress update and insights on his strategies.Post by Mandy Knotts

Cisco: Secure @ RSA Conference

This week Cisco is making announcements on many fronts in many places. One of them is in the security arena. With the city of San Francisco teeming with 17,000+ security professionals, solution providers, good guys, bad guys, and “gray” guys for the annual RSA security conference, much of the buzz has centered on the data protection theme. And rightfully so. Years ago the security game was about keeping the “bad stuff” out — the viruses and worms that were intentionally designed to bring down networks, brag about it, and trump the guy who made a previous attack in a similar vein the week before. Today, the game has evolved in a more sinister way. The bad stuff and the bad guys are after money. They’re after identity. They’re after data. Instead of bringing down a network, they’re trying to use it as a vehicle for infiltrating your business, your computer, your phone, your home, your family life, your well-being, and subsequently, your peace of mind. Simply put, this stealth-for-wealth approach has been the catalyst for ushering in an overt-to-covert transition in the thread-laden underworld. It’s no longer about keeping the bad stuff out. Now it’s about keeping the bad stuff out AND keeping the good stuff in. Your data, in other words. Read More »

Cisco Worldwide Partner Summit: The SMB Opportunity

Rick Moran, VP of SMB Solutions Marketing Shares Provides an SMB UpdateMandy Knotts of Cisco PR speaks with Rick Moran, VP of SMB Solutions Marketing at the Cisco Worldwide Partner Summit. Rick provides an update on Cisco’s SMB efforts since last year’s Partner Summit and talks about what’s exciting about the SMB opportunity for Cisco and its channel partners.Post by Mandy Knotts