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Presidential Debate in Silicon Valley?

Chris O’Brien of the San Jose Mercury News wrote a column this weekend about an effort to get a presidential debate in Silicon Valley. Our own CEO John Chambers supplied a quote to Chris on this topic saying: “Silicon Valley represents the heart of innovation and economic opportunity and is the logical place to host a presidential town hall meeting. Here in the valley, we are building new collaborative technologies such as TelePresence which would give the candidates a unique ability to engage citizens from across the country on key policies, innovation, job growth and our competitiveness as a nation.”According to the column, there is a group of engineers who is putting this effort together. O’Brien writes, “Edwin Sayre…a retired rocket engineer, is part of a groundswell of engineers and scientists who were trying to make this happen during the primary season. Under the name of Science Debate 2008, they issued a ‘Call for a Presidential Debate on Science & Technology’….They posted an online petition at that’s been signed by thousands of individuals, organizations, businesses and government officials.”So, if you’d like to see Senators Obama and McCain focus on the importance of math and science to the U.S.’s. future…as well as the importance of Silicon Valley and innovation to the U.S. economy, I encourage you to check out and let your voice be heard.

Tee it Up In Orlando with Cisco Live!

Next week’s Cisco Live Conference in Orlando, Florida is “this year’s premiere event for IT and communications professionals.” Cisco Live is our annual user conference where partners and customers get together to new technologies, discuss trends, share ideas and have some good networking time…heck, maybe even sit down with peers and discuss TCP/IP protocols over an ice cold Coca-Cola…or Pepsi.If you are not attending, you can still “tune in” to some of the happenings via Second Life (this will download a brief movie with John Chambers’ avatar), Twitter, or this very blog where my colleague, Ken Lotich, will be posting video blogs from Orlando. For the full run-down of our Second Life schedule, including John Chambers Q&A, see our sister “Virtual Worlds” blog here. I also understand we’re going to have a significant announcement or so in Orlando, so stay tuned…For more about Cisco Live, please see here.

Work-Life Balance”¦Just Do It

Previously, I wrote of the network becoming more intelligent, moving beyond bandwidth. But, we need to step up our own intelligence, as well, in how we use that bandwidth. The sheer volume of email, spreadsheets, and PowerPoints can be overwhelming. In fact, according to a story I heard this week on NPR, The Radicati Group reports daily email volume at 210 billion a day, and on the rise. Add voice and video, and in the midst of constant interruptions, it can be challenging finding time to think; to create. Read More »

One Economy: Helping Deliver Broadband

I attended a dinner last night hosted by Alec Ross and One Economy to discuss what this innovative group is doing “to deliver the power of technology and information to low-income people, giving them valuable tools for building better lives.” My former boss in Global Policy and Government Affairs at Cisco, Laura Ipsen, is on the board of One Economy along with some other heavy hitters such as former FCC Commissioner William Kennard; former U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Furse; and, former Cisco colleague and Bush Administration Commerce Department official Bruce Mehlman.They are based in Washington, DC, have projects worldwide, and were out in Silicon Valley to help raise awareness about their work and look for additional support in three ways: 1) connecting them to other people who might be interested in their work (I am attempting to do this with this blog…and this is something Laura Ipsen has done with her board membership); 2) Helping them financially (they are a 501(c)3 and your donation if fully tax deductible; and, 3) Participating through volunteering in some of their many activities from mentoring to contributing content to their media sites. Read More »

Internet Traffic: What Is A Zettabyte?

As any average user of the internet knows, a zettabyte is equal to 1 trillion gigabytes or 1,000 exabytes or about 250 billion DVDs. Driven by the use of video on the web, Cisco today released a study that estimates that “IP traffic will increase at a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 46 percent from 2007 to 2012, nearly doubling every two years. This will result in an annual bandwidth demand on the world’s IP networks of approximately 522 exabytes, or more than half a zettabyte.”You can read the full white paper here. We have tables of our data and we make several projections on future growth of video and Internet traffic, including:- Video is now approximately one-quarter of all consumer Internet traffic- Internet video will account for 50 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2012- Mobile data traffic will double each year from now through 2012- Internet traffic is growing fastest in Latin America, followed by Western Europe and Asia-PacificThe Wall Street Journal’s Bobby White has a story on the study here (subscription only).Now, I can attest to utilizing more and more video on the web…(no, I’m not planning on streaming video of the U.S. Open playoff between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate, but I could if I wanted*.) In the past year, we have been using more and more TelePresence sessions as well as created a Cisco PR YouTube channel as another way of communicating our points of view among other things…both of these activities were around last year, but we are increasing their utilization because video is a GREAT medium for communicating. As two-way video communications becomes more mainstream and moves slowly but surely into the household, I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about.*Okay, maybe I’ll take a peek at the Open as I eat lunch at my desk.