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NBC Achieves “Holy Grail of Digital Video” for Beijing Olympics

Cisco IP Video technology will enable groundbreaking NBC coverage of Beijing Olympic Games. NBC will provide Olympic experience anywhere, anyplace, anytime to multiple delivery platforms. Craig Lau, vice president for Information Technology, NBC Olympics states,”With the Cisco network solution, we’ve achieved the Holy Grail of digital video, which is the ability to perform shot selections on low-resolution files and extract high-resolution material from those files even as they are being recorded. That is a huge accomplishment.” He continues:”Cisco is a trusted partner, and in the demanding IT environment of the Olympic Games, we depend on trusted relationships. We have absolute deadlines for when Olympics coverage begins and ends. Cisco technologies help us exceed expectations and meet our timetables in an unforgiving environment.”Tony Bates, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Service Provider Group says, “We are making broadcast history, executing the creation, management and distribution of digital video in a way that’s never been achieved before….The next best thing to being in Beijing is to be able to see the event coverage.” I, for one, am looking forward to following some events online and via broadcast, but it is cool that NBC is enabling people to access the content via multiple platforms…and it is cool that Cisco is able to help NBC accomplish this. Here’s where you need to go to follow coverage of the Olympics on NBC.

VIDEO: Elfrink Comments on Globalization in FY08

Wim Elfrink is one of our five Executive Vice Presidents. He is also the leader of our Globalization Centre in Bangalore, India. In fact, he is our Chief Globalization Officer. He was back at Cisco HQ in San Jose, CA for the past bit and I was able to catch up with him after our FY08 earnings announcement yesterday and asked him to share his thoughts on globalization writ large, his past year in India, his efforts in Emerging Countries, and more. His experience has been fascinating and I hope you enjoy him sharing his experience in this video.

VIDEO: Cisco CFO Frank Calderoni Discusses FY08 and Q408 Earnings

In this video, Cisco EVP and CFO Frank Calderoni discusses FY08 and Q408 earnings. He also gives some thoughts on the outlook ahead.Our earnings press release can be viewed here. Q4 FY’08 Technology & Customer Highlights are here. FY’08 Year End Technology & Customer Highlights.To view this video in highest quality, you can access this video on our CSCOPR YouTube Channel…click on “watch in high quality” on lower right side of video screen.

My Cisco Fiscal New Year’s Resolutions

Our FY09 started last Saturday. Yes, our FY08 is now over. Our earnings call is this coming Tuesday, after market close…if you’d like to listen in to the call you can find information here.With our “new year” in mind I thought it might be good for me to put down my Fiscal New Year resolutions…I’m taking this opportunity to reimplement some of the resolutions that I didn’t implement for the real new years on January 1…as well as some things that I’d like to focus on for this fiscal year.1. Exercise more. (Note: rehash of 1/1/08 resolution AND I did jump on the elliptical this morning for 25 minutes.)2. Laugh more. (Rehash. And, I had fun chasing 18-month old Jack around in his diapers last night after his bath…we both laughed a lot.)3. Get more subscribers to our YouTube Video Channel. This is a channel that we are experimenting with to highlight some of our executives, chat about things Cisco, as well as talk to analysts, customers and more. (We currently have 150 videos and are adding more all the time.)4. Get more interaction to THIS blog site. We’ve been blogging at Cisco for over three years now and our level of comments and interaction is mediocre at best (but growing). We’d love to hear more from our readers and what is on your minds.5. Show more demonstrations of technology. Our most popular videos on our YouTube PR Channel are of demonstrations of technology. People are voting with their eyeballs and we commit to bringing you more demos, and:finally, 6. As I’m going to hit the big 4-0 late this year (yes, I know, the new 30), I’m going to double down and promise myself to stick to #1 resolution!!!!!Happy New Year.

Ballparks of the Future: Coming Soon!

Cisco and Major League Baseball are teaming together to give fans a look into “Ballparks of the Future.” The intro of’s Ballparks of the Future website state that the four section of the site: Virtual Ballpark, Hardball Innovations, Cisco Initiatives and Ballpark Happenings give the fan “the opportunity to explore the latest and greatest in stadium endeavors as well as a behind-the-scenes perspective on how we continue to enhance your experience and improve ballpark operations with cutting-edge technology.” My favorite, of course, is the Virtual Ballpark which highlights Cisco Field, the to-be-built ballpark of the future for the A’s. On the site, you can also enter your thoughts on what technology you’d like to see in the ballparks of the future. Play ball!!!Popular Science also produced a recent piece on stadia of the future, including Green, Interactivity and more.