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Ballparks of the Future: Coming Soon!

Cisco and Major League Baseball are teaming together to give fans a look into “Ballparks of the Future.” The intro of’s Ballparks of the Future website state that the four section of the site: Virtual Ballpark, Hardball Innovations, Cisco Initiatives and Ballpark Happenings give the fan “the opportunity to explore the latest and greatest in stadium endeavors as well as a behind-the-scenes perspective on how we continue to enhance your experience and improve ballpark operations with cutting-edge technology.” My favorite, of course, is the Virtual Ballpark which highlights Cisco Field, the to-be-built ballpark of the future for the A’s. On the site, you can also enter your thoughts on what technology you’d like to see in the ballparks of the future. Play ball!!!Popular Science also produced a recent piece on stadia of the future, including Green, Interactivity and more.

It Takes a Network

It first took a family, and then it took a village. The idea being that you can count on your community-however you define it-for help, for knowledge. And for sharing in your accomplishments. The ultimate extension of this concept,”it takes a world,” sounds a bit far-fetched at first. After all, the whole world can’t really be there for you. Or can it? Read More »

Fake Steve Reincarnated as Real Dan Lyons

If you live in Silicon Valley or follow technology, you likely know about the Fake Steve Jobs blog, a brilliant, funny blog written by then-Forbes, now-Newsweek journalist Dan Lyons. He was anonymous for a long time and then Brad Stone of The New York Times broke his cover. Now, that Fake Steve is outed and the site is archived for your enjoyment (search Al Gore or Bono, if you’re a newbie), Dan Lyons is back online as RealDan.I think he’s off to a pretty good start. And, with the New York Times’ Joe Nocera column the talk of the town, Dan has now taken liberty to re-create one of the greatest opening lines of all-time. I, for one, still miss FakeSteve, but will still be tracking RealDan. As I heard Dan once say, “business is funny.”

China: “We are the World’s Biggest Internet Market”

According to a report in the New York Times this weekend, “China said the number of Internet users in the country reached about 253 million last month, putting it ahead of the United States as the world’s biggest Internet market.”The growth in Chinese users is apparently being driven by, SHOCKER, Chinese teenagers. And, the number of users increased by about 90 million people during the past year. However, (and this is key), the new estimate of internet users only represents about 19 percent of China’s population, so a bit more room for growth. On the flip side, according to Nielsen (.pdf report), 220 million Americans are online, or 70 percent of the population.All I can saw is “Wow.”

Blogging Disclosure Best Practices

Blogging about blogging is one of my favorite things to do. Not. : )However, I thought it important to note that The Blog Council, where Cisco is a member, today released a best practices toolkit that is “a draft series of checklists to help companies, their employees, and their agencies learn the appropriate and transparent ways to interact with blogs, bloggers, and the people who interact with them.” You can view it here and as it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, you are invited to share and change the document as much as you like. You can view Cisco’s “Internet Postings Policy” here. Enjoy.