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Marilyn Nagel on Diversity & Inclusion at Cisco

I recently sat down with Marilyn Nagel, director of diversity and inclusion at Cisco, to gather her insights on why these topics are imperative to Cisco and its employees. In this Q&A, Marilyn responded to the following questions:How do you define diversity and inclusion?What kind of employee resource groups does Cisco offer?What is your favorite thing about the work environment at Cisco?

2008 Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility Report Online

Corporate citizenship has long been a priority at Cisco and we are proud to be partners in initiatives that make a difference in many global communities. Education initiatives, responsible management and CSR governance, energy efficient measures for our buildings and networking technology solutions for customers–are just some of our investments we have made in products, cash and expertise. With today’s release of Cisco’s fourth annual CSR report, our role in responsible business practices and social investment is top of mind for the company.Corporate citizenship was also the focus of an event hosted by The Economist in San Francisco earlier this week. As a participant in the conference, it was great to exchange ideas and hear perspectives from different business leaders on the role corporate citizenship plays in their respective organizations. Cisco chairman and CEO, John Chambers, talked about driving social and economic impact through corporate citizenship with Matthew Bishop, senior business writer for The Economist and Randa Ayoubi, CEO of Rubicon, during a TelePresence conversation shown at the conference. Research findings relating to the role of corporate citizenship in business can also be found in The Economist report”Corporate Citizenship: Profiting from a Sustainable Business.” Post by Tae Yoo, SVP, Corporate Affairs

What are you putting on your Network for the holidays?

Before Oprah Winfrey became the poster child for Amazon’s Kindle, there was just one voice we trusted to tell us which gadgets to buy: The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg.Fortunately, Oprah’s newfound love of gadgets hasn’t put Walt out of business and he and some tech-loving friends came to Silicon Valley last night to take us on an entertaining romp through the gadgets every self-respecting valley executive will be snapping up this holiday season.Naturally, we at Cisco (Cisco sponsors the Churchill Club) were looking out for fabulous networked stuff and we weren’t disappointed. Here’s our short list of favorite networked gadgets you just won’t be able to live without this holiday season!6. Can’t get enough network access? Then in-car Wi-Fi is here for you! Apparently, Chrysler is about to start offering the service in new vehicles!5. Love that place in the suburbs, but hate the cell phone reception? No problem…build your own cell tower! It’ll only cost you about $99.00 for the privilege of helping all your neighbors get a signal too! Check out the Airave Femtocell from Sprint.4. Is getting directions from a GPS device not quite enough for you? How about this new gadget from Garmin. Apparently, it tells you when you’re breaking the speed limit too! 3. The network’s all around you. You can work from anywhere, effortlessly. Great, isn’t it? Well yes, until three of you need to gather around a mobile phone to do a conference call from client’s conference room. Well, how about a mobile speaker phone to get you wired for sound.2. Got your boarding pass online, but forgot to print it off before you got to the gate? No problem! Open up the Web page on your phone and print to your Pentax pocket printer. Now that’s mobility!1. Animatronic, singing, lip-curling latex Elvis. Okay, so he’s not networked, but come on! A singing, robot Elvis! What more do you want? If your gadget appetite hasn’t quite been fulfilled by Elvis and our short-list, you can get a bigger fix of last night’s stuff from Kara Swisher at the All Things Digital blog

Cisco Partners Share Top Three Talent Challenges

We’ve all read that some companies are shedding jobs rather than creating them right now, but Cisco Partners have told us repeatedly that attracting, developing and retaining talent remains a top priority for them. As far back as 2006, partners were starting to tell us that talent management was shifting from being an expense of doing business to a strategic business driver.At our annual gathering of partners, Partner Summit, in April, the theme came up again as our channel partner talent survey revealed that 48 percent of partners were finding the hiring of technical talent and 34 percent the hiring of sales talent ‘difficult’. At the time, Celia Harper-Guerra, senior director, partner talent acquisition program at Cisco, presented a holistic Cisco partner talent strategy aimed at helping partners address those challenges, including the launch of the Cisco Partner Talent Network.Six months on, at last week’s Cisco Channel Exchange in Lisbon, Portugal, we caught up with Celia again and asked her how the talent needs of partners have evolved since April, and specifically whether talent recruitment and retention remains a priority in the current economic environment. The results of Celia’s updated research were surprising, as this video interview shows.

Tour of Cisco’s new on-site LifeConnections Health Center

I recently caught up with Dr. Pam Hymel, senior director of corporate medical programs, who took me on a tour of Cisco’s new on-site health center in San Jose. Cisco employees and their dependents will be able to get a breadth of medical services on-campus, ranging from primary care and physical exams to immunizations, lab work, health coaching, acupuncture, chiropractic care and physical therapy. They will also have access to an on-site pharmacy.Employees are able to use the health center on an as-needed basis or for primary care, while still continuing the relationships they have with their private physicians. The facility is a part of the new LifeConnections Center, which also offers a child care center for 400 children, as well as a state-of-the art fitness center. The child care center, gym and pharmacy are currently open. The health center will officially open on Monday, Nov. 24. More information on the center can be found here. Currently, employees are able to book appointments.