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Times They Are A Changin’

I’m in New York right now. Obviously an interesting time here. I’m here meeting with reporters, and this afternoon I am speaking on a panel at PR News’ Digital PR Summit. The reporters I’ve spoken to this week have sources and friends on Wall Street and it isn’t a fun time here. Their sources aren’t willing to speak about what is going on because they want to keep their jobs (if they still have them) and they don’t know what is ultimately going to happen. Uncertainty is the operative word here. I’ve overheard conversations of people who ride the train to work and they’ve said it has been absolutely quiet on the train. And, if you’ve ever been to New York, you know there isn’t a lot of quiet.The reporters also acknowledge the obvious that the news business is changing quite a bit as well. They’re being asked to blog, do videos, appear on TV and do more and more “new media.” That certainly doesn’t mean “old media” is dead, but certainly we are in the middle of an epic shift…driven, of course, by the web.The panel I’m speaking on is about the use of video in PR. My co-panelists are from Southwest Airlines and AllScreen Studios (a Burson-Marsteller unit). Paula Berg leads the efforts at Southwest and they’ve done a lot of creative thinking and strategies around putting the Southwest “personality” out there. They have a unique brand that the blog (and its video) helps extend. Steven Haft leads AllScreen Studios and in his former life he produced a little movie you might have heard of called “Good Will Hunting”…how do you like them apples? I’m looking forward to hearing from them both. Read More »

Customers Confirm Value of Cisco and Microsoft Collaboration

Posted by: Pamela FerrilThis month Cisco and Microsoft announced the availability of Windows Server ® on WAAS, a jointly developed and supported program that integrates Windows Server 2008 on the Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) network appliance.image Read More »

Picture Window

We tend to think of video phones as a modern-day thing, but can you believe they were first demonstrated about 50 years ago? Sure, there were technical barriers that prevented them from being adopted; but there was another factor, too: folks would never want the level of intrusion that a video call imposes. Fast forward to 2008, and the debate is no longer about video, but on just how much of our inner thoughts and viewpoints we should be publishing for all to see. Read More »

Do You Know Where Your Data Really Is?

Today, Cisco released interesting results from a global study on data leakage that looks at the human and behavioral side of security. Our study details numerous risks and mistakes employees frequently make, but for brevity’s sake we’ve compiled a Top-10 list for this post. See if your company can check out clean on these all-too-common infractions. Read More »

Cisco Collaboration Portfolio Enables the Next Phase of the Internet

Today Cisco announced several new solutions that make up the Cisco collaboration portfolio. Unified communications, video and a new Web 2.0 applications platform are Cisco’s way of walking the talk when it comes to the next wave of the internet and collaboration. In this video, Alan Cohen, Vice President, Enterprise & Mid-Market Solutions at Cisco, elaborates on the lasting impact today’s announcements will have on the way people communicate and collaborate in the enterprise. For further discussion on the Cisco collaboration portfolio, go to The Workspace.