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Cisco To Unveil New Products at CES 2009

Is your travel budget cut? Can’t make it to Vegas for this year’s CES? No worries. Follow what Cisco is announcing online!! This interweb thingy is amazing.Here’s how to follow us:• Register for the LIVE webcast of the Cisco news conference at CES 2009 on Wednesday, January 7, from 1 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. PT Watch LIVE webcast of the KEYNOTE by Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers on Friday, January 9, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. PT.• Here’s our CES microsite: Cisco @ CES 2009 (video, blog and twitter feed all together on the Cisco consumer site)• Follow @DigitalCribs on Twitter for Cisco and CES highlights• Read Cisco’s news feature on the media-enabled home.• And, last but not least, check out our sister blog @ CES 2009: DigItAll ConsumerIf you are getting rained on, snowed on or otherwise dumped on, please join us virtually in sunny Las Vegas as we announce our exciting consumer strategy and products.

Cisco Delivers Connected Life Technologies at CES 2009

Did you watch the Cisco press conference at CES today? I did. Very interesting stuff. And (bonus!!) our products are now available at, Fry’s Electronics and!!! See here and here to whet your appetite.If you missed the press conference, here is a video of SVP of Corporate Development and Consumer, Ned Hooper, chatting about how we look at the consumer market.You can also check out our sister consumer blog talking about our Media Solutions Group product “Cisco EoS” and more.Other media for you includes:• Our news feature on the media-enabled home.• Podcast with Ned Hooper discussing our Consumer strategy.

My Favorite Cisco Blogs of 2008

This morning, a colleague told me that her motto for this year is “time to shine in ’09.” I told her that could connote that she wasn’t shining in previous years. She said maybe that was true. Cisco’s blogging efforts in 2008, however, have shone through. A little while ago, I hoped we would do more and more blogging and we have. I did a Best Blogs of 2007 last year and it, sadly, was mainly looking at my old blog entries. This past year, however, we now have 13 “corporate” blogs to choose from and many, many Cisco bloggers. And, as I am self-appointed judge and jury, I’m picking my favorites and keeping it to the top 10.So, here we go:1. From the Platform, the top blog entry of 2008 is: “Internet Traffic: What is a Zettabyte” If I had to sum up the top blogs of the platform in a word, it would be VIDEO. This blog captures the numbers.2. From Collaboration blog, my favorite blog entry was: “Team of Rivals” by Alan Cohen. “As we face the darkest business climate in a generation, working across corporate and geographic boundaries can play a critical role in determining whether companies survive or thrive during these tough times.” 3. From Data Center blog, my favorite blog entry is: “A Cloudy Day.” Doug Gourlay is opinionated, smart and willing to take a stance. He has helped grow the Data Center blog into one of our most popular blogs at Cisco. 4. From DigitAll Consumer blog (new in ’08), Johanna Fry and Mike Kisch have done a great job being creative on this consumer oriented blog. My favorite blog from this site is: “Enter the ‘Digital Cribs: Heaven or Hell’ Video Contest to win $10,000.Read More »

A Look at Security Threats in 2008: More Pervasive, More Sophisticated

Keeping current with cyber threats is critical-¬Ěnot just from a security standpoint, but from a branding or reputation standpoint, as well. Check out our 2008 annual report on security trends at

The Year in Review: No Bailout From Security’s Threat Landscape

2008. A year many will gladly say goodbye to in a matter of days. However, for some, 2008 was a good year. A profitable year. In the world of online security, the threats and attacks preying on companies, customers, and consumers continue to wreak havoc internationally. Just as the global economy has become interconnected, so too has the criminal economy. Today, Cisco is releasing its 2008 Annual Security Report, a global synopsis of the numerous threat trends and attacks that made headlines over the course of the year. The report details new approaches attackers are using to trick you, your family, your friends, and your colleagues. It looks forward at what trends could play out in 2009. While the bad guys will look back at 2008 fondly, as evidenced in the report, next year doesn’t have to be that way. It’s up to you as much as it is up to us and other vendors. Technology is integral in protecting us, but it’s not the lone solution. Security is human too. It’s a behavior and a habit. It could protect you or hurt you. While the biggest threat could sit between the keyboard and the back of the chair, so too could the biggest solution. Read More »