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I Thought Today Was Saturday

We don’t set alarms in our house anymore (unless we have to get up wayyyyy early for a flight or tee time) because we can count on our 19-month old son Jack getting us up between 6:30 and 7:00. So, my morning technology has been relegated to the rubbage heap. Which means, of course, that if our non-electronic alarm clock (aka Jack) goes haywire then I might wake up on a Friday and think it is Saturday. I rarely set alarms on Saturday, so this was where my confusion stemmed from. No alarm = Saturday. However, that was all pre-Jack.Jack got us up at about 4 this morning. Teething. I went into his room, got him out of his crib and sat in the rocker with him. He calmed down and we both drifted a bit to sleep. I have no idea how long we were sitting there, but I got up slowly, laid him back down in his crib, covered him with his favorite puppy dog blanket and went back to bed. A short time later (not sure what time), he was wailing again. It used to be a game of “if I wail, will you come get me and bring me into bed,” but he has been a good sleeper lately and I knew his teeth were hurting him. So, I went and got him and brought him into bed. He went back to sleep. I wasn’t too worried about getting up or lack of sleep, because it’s Saturday so I could nap when he napped later in the day. But, wait, it’s FRIDAY! Which I re-learned when I officially woke up. The body and mind can play mean tricks on you. We rely on technology to keep us on track. A colleague missed a meeting with me the other day because her calendar reminder for our meeting didn’t work, so she worked right through our meeting. I know my parents home phone number and my wife’s cell number and that’s about it…the rest of them are stored in my phone. Read More »

Network of Networks

Biology, finance, weather prediction, physics-for every field of human endeavor, there are projects and networks. Yet the ability to crunch data on a truly global basis is still in its infancy. Today, we have our DSL or cable modems to the home, courtesy of our ISP and its backbone. A few larger operators circle the globe with 10Gbps and even 40Gbps links. But all of this, compared to what’s coming, is amateur hour. Read More »

Financial Analyst Conference 2008: Virtualization

John McCool, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Data Center, Switching and Services Group, provides a snapshot of what he will be discussing at the Financial Analyst Conference. Read more about today’s announcement of the Nexus 1000V, a virtual networking switch, here.Also, please take a look at our joint announcement with VMware here.

Financial Analyst Conference 2008: The Next Wave of Collaboration

Don Proctor, Senior Vice President, Software Group, gives a sneak peek of his FAC presentation, and also speaks about the future of collaboration.

Financial Analyst Conference 2008: John Chambers

In preparation for the Financial Analyst Conference, I sat down with several executives before the event to get a feel for what’s on their mind heading into the conference, and more broadly, what they are looking forward to in FY09.To start things off, I sat down with Chairman and CEO John Chambers, who spoke about what he’ll be covering in his opening presentation, as well as what he envisions for Cisco in FY09.Keep checking in here today for more video blog updates.Also, please do note that a webcast of the Financial Analyst Conference is available here.