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Cisco Partner Summit: Mike Allen, Managing Director, APAC Channels

Mandy Knotts of Cisco PR spoke with Mike Allen, Managing Director of APAC Channels at the Cisco Worldwide Partner Summit. Mike discusses how the channel business has evolved, top of mind channel partner issues and what he hopes our APAC channel partners will take away from this week’s event. Post by Mandy Knotts

Cisco Partner Summit: Emerging Markets Perspectives

Insights from Paul Mountford, president of Cisco’s Emerging Markets Theater. Three years ago Cisco reorganized its business to better serve fast growing and increasingly influential developing economic powerhouses such as Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Poland. The result: Cisco’s Emerging Markets Theater, a grouping of more than 130 countries that includes more than 2 billion people and a sizable chunk of the world’s GDP. In this segment, Theater president Paul Mountford provides a progress update and insights on his strategies.Post by Mandy Knotts

On Fire for the Nexus 5000

Senior Director of Data Center Marketing Doug Gourlay: On Fire for the Nexus 5000Mandy Knotts of Cisco PR speaks with Doug Gourlay, Senior Director of Data Center Marketing at the Cisco Worldwide Partner Summit. Doug provides insight into what was revealed at this morning’s press conference and the opportunity around Data Center 3.0. Beyond Data Center, Doug also negotiates a deal with Mandy that will involve a future and “hot” blog post in the days to come.Post by Mandy Knotts

Partners Are an Extension of the Cisco Sales Force

Mandy Knotts of Cisco PR sat down with Wendy Bahr, VP of US/Canada Channels at the Cisco Worldwide Partner Summit. Wendy shares everything from why channel partner’s are critical to Cisco’s success and her interest in fire dancing while in Hawaii. — Why are channel partners critical to Cisco’s success in the US/Canada theater?-- How many Partner Summit’s have you attended?-- How has the Partner Summit evolved?-- Have our channel partner’s business priorities changed over the last few years? If yes, how?Post by Mandy Knotts

BD Director Rob Salvagno Discusses Cisco’s Nuova Acquisition

April 8, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

Rob Salvagno, Senior Director of Business Development, discusses Cisco’s Nuova acquisition announced today.   This is a follow-on to our initial investment in August 2006. Nuova is focused on cutting-edge data center technology and its first product, the Nexus 5000, is also being announced today.  In this video, Salvagno discusses the following questions:  - Tell us about the Nuova transaction being announced today.- How does this fit into Cisco’s innovation strategy?- How much will Cisco be paying for Nuova?- Tell us about the Nuova team.- What is the background between Cisco and Nuova?