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A Look at Security Threats in 2008: More Pervasive, More Sophisticated

Keeping current with cyber threats is critical-¬Ěnot just from a security standpoint, but from a branding or reputation standpoint, as well. Check out our 2008 annual report on security trends at

The Year in Review: No Bailout From Security’s Threat Landscape

2008. A year many will gladly say goodbye to in a matter of days. However, for some, 2008 was a good year. A profitable year. In the world of online security, the threats and attacks preying on companies, customers, and consumers continue to wreak havoc internationally. Just as the global economy has become interconnected, so too has the criminal economy. Today, Cisco is releasing its 2008 Annual Security Report, a global synopsis of the numerous threat trends and attacks that made headlines over the course of the year. The report details new approaches attackers are using to trick you, your family, your friends, and your colleagues. It looks forward at what trends could play out in 2009. While the bad guys will look back at 2008 fondly, as evidenced in the report, next year doesn’t have to be that way. It’s up to you as much as it is up to us and other vendors. Technology is integral in protecting us, but it’s not the lone solution. Security is human too. It’s a behavior and a habit. It could protect you or hurt you. While the biggest threat could sit between the keyboard and the back of the chair, so too could the biggest solution. Read More »

Yahoo! Tech Ticker: “Is the Sun Still Shining in San Jose?”

Yahoo! Tech Ticker’s Sarah Lacy interviews Ellen McGirt on her recent “Fast Company” Cisco cover story. Lacy writes, “Chambers may be conservative in guidance, but inside Cisco it’s full steam ahead. A radical redesign of the corporate culture has lead to a nimble, collaborative team of managers who act first and ask permission second. The result? A pipeline of more than twenty products.”Video, Part 1:Video, Part 2:

High Speed Broadband, Please

My nearly two-year old LOVES YouTube. We have a playlist with trains and backhoes and fire engines and more. This morning we were searching for trains and I came across this video of passengers loading a train in Japan. It made me think about broadband.Why you ask? Well, the way I look at it, we’re shoving more and more bits onto the broadband pipes…just look at the video data that is loading up networks. At some point, we’re bound to get to the point where we resort to shoving and pushing to get onto/into those broadband pipes…just like these passengers in Japan are doing. Then, a colleague sent me this article on Bloomberg today that said that the Obama administration may indeed be looking at investing in broadband infrastructure as well as roads and bridges and the like. At Cisco, we’ve been pushing for a national broadband policy for a long time. Maybe now we have the will?

Cisco’s C-Scape In The News

Today, we are hosting industry analysts at our annual C-Scape conference. If you didn’t tune into the webcast events today, you can do so tomorrow starting at 8:45AM PT..Some coverage:NeworkWorld files this: “Cisco to Shift Resources to Consumer Shift” IDG Reporter Stephen Lawson reports, “”We think the time has come for Cisco to make a huge play in the home,” Chambers said. The company will free up resources over the next 12 months and move them into consumer areas, key among them the provision of entertainment and other rich content by carriers to homes, he said.”LightReading reports “Cisco’s One Big Architecture“: “The merging of new technologies, like Web 2.0 and video, is going to create one large architecture, much as the combining of disparate network devices did in the ’90s, Cisco Systems Inc. CEO John Chambers told analysts this morning.”Bloomberg reports “Cisco Becomes Infrastructure Play on Obama Tech Focus“: “President-elect Obama is really going to push the edge on how we use technology,” Cisco Chief Executive Officer John Chambers said today…”eChannel Line reports “Next Internet experience driven by collaboration, Web 2.0“: “Everything Cisco is doing is building off of its belief that collaboration and Web 2.0 will become a more dominant and important part of business communications and doing business.”Again, if you didn’t catch this morning’s webcast, you can make sure you catch tomorrow’s here.